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Gina Ford 2 - sleeping well, but a little topsy turvy

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stardust Wed 13-Apr-05 12:21:53

Our 6wk old is following GF, like our first (19mths) and so far so good. I am not as rigid as she would probably like, but thats how it works for us..a rigid framework that we adhere to as best we can. No 1 had appalling colic and never went down at 7pm....but slept through 11-7am from only 6wks. No 2 not showing signs of sleeping thru, ( i know it sounds rather demanding)but goes down like a dream at 7 such an extent that hes imposs to wake and when i did leave him, slept thru until 3am. Are there any handy tips to make sure baby is totally awake at 11 - i'm sure its because he is not awake enough to feed sufficiently that he needs to wake again at 3ish....
any advice welcomed!

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