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8 mo waking screaming every hour :(

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littlelamb Sun 22-Feb-09 08:20:20

I just don't know what I am doing wrong with ds. He has never been a brilliant sleeper, always waking for a feed at elast 3 times a night still which is exhausting but just about manageable as he does settle himselfto sleep afterwards. But I have just had my second night of no sleep whatsoever, he has woken up every half hour to an hour crying, standing up and shaking the rails of his cot. Nothing I try will settle him. I know the people in the flat above are getting fed up of him crying, which just makes me more stressed. I am literally shaking with tiredness Now he is awake for the day he is hapily playing, but I cannot face another night of this. I can't ask the health visitor for advice (well, I feel I can't, as they're already worried about his lack of weight gain and it would just be one more stick for them to beat me with) <<sigh>> He is not hungry, he is refusing the breast at night, I gave him medicine before he went down for his teeth. If it was just whinging I would be happy to leave him to settle himself as he normally deos but it is screaming. I am planning on taking him and dd for a long walk in the buggy today so I can just get some fresh air and zone out for a few hours while he hopefully sleeps, but I have no energy, and even at this time in the morning I just need to go back to bed and sleep WHat can I do to make him sleep???

christiana Sun 22-Feb-09 08:28:16

Message withdrawn

Guadalupe Sun 22-Feb-09 08:32:04

The times when mine seemed to wake every hour screaming like that was usually when they were in pain with something, teething or earache. Any other teething signs, sore bum, extra dribby?

It is a nightmare. Like christiana says, try and get someone to help you for a bit to try and catch up with sleep.

littlelamb Sun 22-Feb-09 08:35:37

I don't think he's ill no, but somehting is obviously wrong. I have been writing down everything he has been eating to show the HV and there's nothing new or that should cause problems really- his nappies are fine. As far as his teeth go, he is dribbling for England but tbh he always has, and they don't seem to be bothering him in the day. Certainly he is not trying to chew anything (though he has started to chomp on the cot rail so I suppose there might be something in that). No partner to help, and friends all have dc of their own to worry about. If I had someone who would have him overnight so I could get a proper sleep for once I would love them forever, but it's not going to happen.

christiana Sun 22-Feb-09 08:40:57

Message withdrawn

littlelamb Sun 22-Feb-09 08:46:25

Not that I know. I will think who I can ask- I might be able to get someone round for an hour this afternoon. I don't sleep well at the best of times though so I wouldn't actually sleep iyswim, but just to be able to shut my eyes without someone screaming would be nice. God I sound a misery don't I grin I just can't believe that he is so happy now and yet is so difficult at night. I am going to have a shower, a big coffee and then I'm going for a walk/pathetic jog with them. I think fresh air will help everyone. Wrt the neighbours, would you say anything to them?? I feel embarassed that they can hear him crying, I don't want them to think I'm just leaving him, but there seems to be nothing that will comfort him and stop him crying. They don't have dc so I don't think they really understand

Guadalupe Sun 22-Feb-09 08:46:43

Teeth do tend to bother them more at night, have you looked to see if the gums are red? If he screams for a third night, maybe take him to the docs and have his ears checked.

If you really can't ask for help then just make the day as easy as you can for yourself, dvds, quick easy food as well as a walk and then try to go bed as early as you can. Remember it will get better even though it feels completely debilitating today.

Guadalupe Sun 22-Feb-09 08:48:42

You could say something if you see them, mention he's not well or something and you're sorry if it's disturbing them but don't add that to your worries today.

christiana Sun 22-Feb-09 08:55:55

Message withdrawn

littlelamb Sun 22-Feb-09 14:39:31

Right, am back from a very long walk. Was lovely, but am absolutely shattered now. Ds was alright for a while (and had his first go on the swings ) and then started crying again and it really is an inconsolable little cry Have given him another dose of medicine, but now he is home he is happily playing again. It does seem to be worse when he is lying down for some reason, each time I tried to recline the buggy he would start again. Am not looking forward to tonight, usually he is a much better sleeper if he is in bed with me but I even tried that last night with no luck. Am going to keep giving medicine and hope for the best- I know he's not hungry now so that's not why he's crying, and I do suspect the teeth to be the culprit. Why can't they be born with them eh?! wink

christiana Sun 22-Feb-09 15:14:24

Message withdrawn

littlelamb Sun 22-Feb-09 15:20:38

Not a crazy idea at all- I had already thought of it! I can't describe the difference in him- we've been home nearly an hour and he has been happily playing on the floor with dd that whole time- no fuss at all, but I can't believe it's still 4 hours till everyone's in bed. Today seems to have lasted forever! If it starts again tonight I will call NHS but we are seeing the HV tomorrow anyway. I'm going to give him toast with something I haven't yet decided (my brain is seriously mush) for his tea so he can chew on that. It has made me doubt everything though. I am now wondering if I haven't got enough milk for him, which I sort of know isn't the case as he still has lots of bf a day, I am just searching for something to explain it.

blinks Sun 22-Feb-09 15:24:07

have you had his ears checked?

what was your labour like?

is he happier sleeping in a certain position?

is his cot/bed flat?

how many teeth has he got?

report on my desk first things please.

littlelamb Sun 22-Feb-09 15:34:29

Yes ma'am, Blinks ma'am grin
Not had ears checked, though he doesn't seem bothered by them- not grabbing at them or anything.

Very lovely labour, active birth, he was back to back for weeks but turned easily in labour. Born in about 2 pushes, 8 minute second stage after about 3.5 hours of labour.

He has always prefered to sleep on his front, bum in the air {grin] He likes to hold one of the cot bars (for security?? Doesn't have a teddy or anything)

Cot is flat

He has 4 teeth. He got the first two bottom ones quite early, at about 12 weeks, and the ttop two have only been through 2 weeks or so. He has dribbled constantly since birth though.

So, there's yer evidence. What's the verdict??

blinks Sun 22-Feb-09 23:20:07

at ease LL.

DD2 had an ear infection and didn't tug on them once so get them checked (that's an order). she also refused the breast at night i recall.

lucky you with the lovely labour.

try raising the cot.

as you were...wink

littlelamb Sun 22-Feb-09 23:25:13

Ah blinks, would you believe I am still up?? I have gone past tired to manic I think...Ds went down at about 6.30, after a feed and settled well. Has woken up twice since then, with the same screaming. Fed virtually back to sleep both times. Gave another dose of medicine about half an hour ago, but think I am in for another night of it Will HV be able to diagnose an ear infection? Am going there tomorrow anyway and don't fancy having to wrestle doctors receptionists for an appointment.

blinks Sun 22-Feb-09 23:31:11

sleeps is for wimps, LL wink

call docs first thing for emergency appointment. you could also phone NHS 24/Direct tonight if you're concerned.

if he doesn't have one i'll eat my hat.

christiana Mon 23-Feb-09 09:47:50

Message withdrawn

littlelamb Mon 23-Feb-09 10:07:16

<<ll stumbles blearily onto thread>>
Slightly better. He managed about 2 hours between waking last night. Again, now he is up he is happy as larry. Got HV at 1.30 so I am hoping in a way that he will have an ear problem because then at least they can do something to help. The bags under my eyes are a shocker shock

christiana Mon 23-Feb-09 10:10:29

Message withdrawn

blinks Mon 23-Feb-09 10:57:47

doubt HV could diagnose an ear infection LL.

littlelamb Mon 23-Feb-09 18:16:07

Well, they wouldn't even look at his ears. The HV was certain he was doing it for attention hmm and has told me (not for the first time I should add) to just do controlled crying with him. Apparently I am letting him manipulate me shock. I don't know wether to laugh or cry.

christiana Mon 23-Feb-09 21:38:11

Message withdrawn

blinks Mon 23-Feb-09 23:26:34

for gods sake woman, take him to the doctors...

<stamps feet>

ches Tue 24-Feb-09 04:13:03

Oh god. What an awful cow of an HV. Can you complain? If there's anyone manipulating you it's that witch with the ear light thingy refusing to have a look-see.

I believe this is your come-uppance for that 3.5 hour labour. envy Seriously though, I'm not sure whether to be envy or angry on your behalf with the early teething. DS was a menace with the standing up every half hour when he learned to pull up and I kept telling myself "once he can walk, he'll sleep again" then it was "once he gets those teeth he'll sleep again" (yes, walked before any teeth), then it was "once he can talk he'll sleep again" and then we got the molars and now he's just turned 2 and we're battling the last molars and I'm telling myself THEN he will FINALLY sleep again (defined as waking only twice a night).

This is a good age for gross motor skills upsetting their sleep, as well as early separation anxiety (but then cuddles in bed with Mummy would make it all better hmm). Whatever is is, rest assured it's nothing YOU are doing wrong.

I don't suppose he has reflux hence the slow weight gain and better sleep when upright?

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