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laneydaye Tue 12-Apr-05 19:15:52

bought a lovely winnie the pooh one for dd tried her in it last night and she was arms all over the place, do they get used to it? and do i put an extra cover over her.... i usually swaddle...


ggglimpopo Tue 12-Apr-05 19:21:44

Message withdrawn

Henda Tue 12-Apr-05 19:43:57

those bags are great. no amount of kicking can get rid of them, as with blankets. I just put ds in a sleepsuit and then in the bag. don't need anything else, as ggglimpopo says, she'll overheat. Mine was arms all over the place, but got used to it quite quickly xxx

Katemum Tue 12-Apr-05 20:14:26

How old is she? If she still likes being swaddled maybe you can wait a couple of weeks and try her in it again.

laneydaye Wed 13-Apr-05 09:50:25

shes 5months...... will give it another go tonight i think.......

will she be warm enough then?

Katemum Wed 13-Apr-05 21:02:35

My dd sleeps in a vest,jammies and sleeping bag and is more than warm enough.

Mosschops30 Wed 13-Apr-05 21:16:34

Message withdrawn

juicychops Wed 13-Apr-05 21:16:54

I started my DS in his sleeping bag last night he is 12 weeks. He was fine with it.

Dahlia Wed 13-Apr-05 21:38:37

Mine went in her from about 12 weeks, she was perfectly ok, she wears a bodysuit and pyjama top and is warm as toast.

mmmmchocolate Wed 13-Apr-05 21:43:20

I must be the only one, my dd is in sleeping bag and i also put on a holey blanket for her to hold and tucks her in, She doesn't get to hot and the times i have left it of she waves her arms around and doesn't settle. HTH

expatinscotland Wed 13-Apr-05 21:45:52

LOVE those sleeping bags! Have a bigger one now, and DD goes and gets it and brings it out when she is tired. They are brill.

beansprout Wed 13-Apr-05 21:47:48

What tog have you got? This will affect how many other layers are needed.
We used to swaddle ds a lot but he has been fine in his bag.

Scrumpty Wed 13-Apr-05 21:51:14

My son had a sleeping bag from about 4 months and that was how he started having his complete nights sleep (and me too!!!) He stopped using it last spring and has not needed one since as he has now realised that its silly to keep kicking his covers off and that I won't keep tucking him in time after time!!! Hes nearly 2 now.

expatinscotland Wed 13-Apr-05 21:53:22

just the bog-standard 2.5 tog here. before she could roll, i put one of those waffle-weave blankets over her as well, or a crocheted blanket s/one made for her.

if you need to keep them warmer, just put a baby gro under their pajamas and socks on their feet.

laneydaye Fri 15-Apr-05 09:48:01

where will it say the tog?

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