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Anyone use bed rails for co-sleeping? Husband scared he will roll on baby so baby is on the edge of bed.

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absie Tue 17-Feb-09 18:22:12

We have a funny arrangement with pillows and travelcot going on, would like something smaller for holding 10 month old in so I can get around the room! I see that there are bed rails out there but all seem to be marketed for children's beds. Anyone have any experience with this and could recommend one?

FrannyandZooey Tue 17-Feb-09 18:24:14

does he drink, take drugs, work odd shifts? is he obese? why does he think he'll roll on the baby? we aren't unconscious when asleep - he doesn't roll out of bed, does he?

absie Tue 17-Feb-09 18:27:42

No, not really but he almost did roll on him the other night so not happy to take the risk!

Lindenlass Tue 17-Feb-09 18:28:47

nope - bed rails are v. dangerous as babies have got trapped between them and the mattress. Just put a mattress on the floor for them to fall on if they do fall in the night.

Or get your hubby to read more about co-sleeping so he might feel safer sleeping next to baby - unless he has any of the risk-factors franny mentions

Lindenlass Tue 17-Feb-09 18:29:31

x-post - nearly rolling on a baby and not rolling on the baby should show him that he's safe - his instincts woke him up before he rolled on the baby. We're surprisingly aware of babies in bed

saucypan Tue 17-Feb-09 18:34:04

or get a cot that butts up to the bed to become a kind of bed extension.

absie Tue 17-Feb-09 18:35:45

I watched him do it as I was awake and poked him to turn over again. But thanks, he may have felt him before full squash.

absie Tue 17-Feb-09 18:37:08

Cot that joins to the bed... you can get open cots can't you?

crokky Tue 17-Feb-09 18:44:09

Can you put your bed up against the wall? This is what we do - baby by wall, then you, then DH.

ABetaDad Tue 17-Feb-09 18:45:27

On no account put the baby on the edge of the bed between an adult and a bed rail. they wil be crushed if the adult dies not wake up.

We used to put a carry cot in the bed.

FrannyandZooey Tue 17-Feb-09 18:52:01

what about that thing you put in the bed, like a separate section with little walls round it, for the baby? i can't remember what it is called

co-sleeping cot is a good product, but you will ultimately get more sleep if baby is right next to you and you don't have to wake up and move him/her to feed, cuddle etc

Bluesapphire77 Wed 18-Feb-09 08:40:02

If it helps i often have my DS in bed and between me and DP but most often DP gets shoved to 1/4 of the bed and i have DS on the outside with my arms round him and my knees tucked up beneath his feet... i have never let go of him i know as i'm still in the same position in the morning, but one time i must have let go of him and trust me, i woke up immediately and not one of those 'half awake moments' i was wide awake lol
I think you 'just know' as you are so protective of your baby.
DS is 4 weeks old btw

Hope that is helpful x

Bluesapphire77 Wed 18-Feb-09 08:43:15

Oops.. plus when DS is between me and DP i sleep facing DP anyway and he has his back to me and only ever rolls onto his front so goes the other way so no danger of rolling on baby, but i do sleep in the same knees up position so i feel him roll onto my knees before he rolls onto DS.

You can get cots that fit right up to the bed too

Maveta Wed 18-Feb-09 08:51:44

so bed rails are a no no?? Up to what age? When ARE you supposed to use them then? Ds has developed a habit of coming in with us (21mo) in the wee hours and I put him on the edge as he doesn't like to be in the middle. We have used chairs until now but the other night he fell out and the chairs just fell out of the way. Went and bought a bed rail for our bed. Is that wrong then???

(sorry for the hijack blush)

saucypan Wed 18-Feb-09 11:05:46

We have the co-sleeping cot. DD doesn't really sleep in it, she's cuddled up with me in the proper bed, but it does mean there's a secure edge so she can't roll onto the floor. I never trusted DP enough to wake up if he rolled, so never put her in between us. I've read men's instincts aren't nearly as good as the mother who is programmed to sleep lightly and be in tune with baby.

expatmom Thu 19-Feb-09 12:36:50

I've always understood that the baby should never be between the mom and dad as only the mom has the deep instinct not to roll onto the baby. As for bed rails - we've been using one so that DD can be between it and me (it had been something we'd seen frequently recommended on MN). DD (nearly 6 mo) has never rolled close to it, but even if she did, there is no space for her to be trapped between it and the mattress. I don't see how it would be any more likely for her to be trapped or for me to smush her up against it without waking up than would be the case if the bed were against a wall. I may rethink our use of it a bit once she's crawling/walking as it does seem like something that would be relatively easy to climb over.

I'd also just add that we have also used a co-sleeper cot attached to the bed as a barrier (and shelf for books/water/clock..) since she's never actually been all that willing to sleep in it and I still found it a faff to pick her up and bring her to me for night feedings.

notanothernamechangebabes Thu 09-Mar-17 19:06:01

How has everyone's day been so far??

I took DS to his first baby play group... was v good and only had one hobnob ... even though the biscuit tin was passed round... and round... and round!

We've been out all day -playgroup, shopping, walk in the park- so not had time to snack.

I do worry a bit that I might go too far and not enough for breastfeeding- today - not a great day for fruit and veg, sadly I've had...

Breakfast - hurried an eat natural protein bar and a banana on my way to the playgroup
Snack- the hobnob!!
Lunch- gluten free 3 bean wrap from m&s, small box of mango
Snack- small gluten free brown roll with peanut butter
Dinner will be beef goulash with extra veg in, and flower sprouts and leeks

Is this enough to be bfing and running round all day? I don't feel v hungry, but was known to skirt the fringes of eating disorders in my younger years, so hunger doesn't really "register" for me always (NB- I'm well now- have been for a couple of years.)

notanothernamechangebabes Thu 09-Mar-17 19:07:19

Argh!!! Mumsnet fail. No idea why that posted here... ignore!!!

teaandbiscuitsforme Fri 10-Mar-17 18:14:23

We use foam wedge bed guards which have been great. DD now uses them on her single bed.

teaandbiscuitsforme Fri 10-Mar-17 18:15:06

Aargh, just realised this is a zombie! Sorry!

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