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..Breastfed baby wakes 3 times a night

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chezie Mon 11-Apr-05 18:44:26

I am desperate for a night of un-disturbed sleep... My 11 month old son still wakes several times every night. He doesn't like formula milk and demands a breast feed. He goes to bed at about 7.30pm, sleeps till 11pm then wakes every 3 hours. can anyone please give me some advice/tips on getting him to sleep through the night.

collision Mon 11-Apr-05 18:46:35

Me too!

Im knackered!

I put ds down at 7.30pm, he wakes at 11.30pm, 2.30a., 5am and 7.30am.

Will watch this with interest. Mine is 5months.

bakedpotato Mon 11-Apr-05 18:54:28

have you looked at Dr Richard Ferber's Solve Your Child's Sleep Problem? Really think he has it taped.

laneydaye Mon 11-Apr-05 19:08:28

same for me, my dd is 5mths and she still feeds 3/4 times per night. been on various threads to see what others do and think, and i think this is how its gonna be for a while....
thinking of trying cc in a few weeks when shes 6mths......

Mosschops30 Mon 11-Apr-05 19:12:36

Message withdrawn

hermykne Mon 11-Apr-05 19:17:53

u might haveto get tough and offer only water in a bottle for a couple of nights, its hard but it might just do the trick, he 'll cry and yell but eventually he know it aint happening, plus he is well fed at 11mths so doesnt need a feed just settling to go back to sleep.

and the suggestins belw would help. be warned could take a month.....

Twiglett Mon 11-Apr-05 19:19:17

IMHO you need to get partner to get up to him and offer him water

if he smells you he'll want bf

chezie Mon 11-Apr-05 19:23:16

I have had a half hearted try at controlled crying and have managed one per night to get him back to sleep without feeding him, but sometimes I am so tired I just automatically feed him without realising I am supposed to be ignoring him. Also he sleeps on his tummy and wriggles about and always ends up banging his head on the top or the cot. sorry 4 moaning... I just really wanted someone to have an easy answer to this problem, but it loks like I wil have to persevere with the controlled crying

beansprout Mon 11-Apr-05 19:23:44

Dp going to him instead of me has worked for us. If I am there ds just gets really agitated, but with dp he just goes back to sleep. I am now tucked away in the spare room! Ds is 5 months.

chezie Mon 11-Apr-05 19:28:36

I always feel guilty asking DH to go in to him... I will have to toughen up a bit

chezie Mon 11-Apr-05 19:30:23

Does your hubby not mind going in to him. shock

chezie Mon 11-Apr-05 19:34:20

Im crap at these emoticons but I'm learning ha ha

morningpaper Mon 11-Apr-05 19:40:27

There is no easy solution but the least painful of all your options will probably be getting your DH to do the night shift for a few days.

Twiglett Mon 11-Apr-05 19:44:40

Why do you feel guilt - its his child too

beansprout Mon 11-Apr-05 20:00:03

Ds is still in our room as we decided that we wanted him in with us until he is 6 months (as per current SIDS advice). So the cot is next to our bed so it's really not too much of a hassle. Job done! If ds were waking several times a night it might be a different matter as dp works full time while I am still on mat. leave. I dream feed at 11ish and then in the night ds just wakes up once at the most and dp settles him.

collision Tue 12-Apr-05 08:52:56

small breakthrough.......

ds went down at 7pm and woke screaming at 9.30pm. I wasnt having any of it and so after 10 mins DH went in and gave him a cuddle and ds went back to sleep til 2.30am!!! That is the longest yet! He was restless from 2am but tonight he can have a late feed and then I will get DH to give him water. Do you think this is OK and 5.5months??

chezie Tue 12-Apr-05 14:08:46

I feel guilty coz He works shifts although I shouldnt coz I work shifts too...24 hours a day 7 days a week 52 weeks a year... short breaks for meal times.
DH has even had the nerve to wake up in the morning and ask if DS woke during the night.

dropinthe Tue 12-Apr-05 14:14:28

I'm in the same boat at 14 months if its any consolation and he's in our bed!!!

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