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2cute2spook Thu 12-Feb-09 22:34:09

Hi i was hoping for some advice. At the start of the week i started to put my dd in her cot during the day(she sleeps in there at night anyway) but have noticed she is not getting enough sleep now and is very tierd by 6pm. She goes to bed between 7 and 8 and wakes about 6-6 30 she only has one nap which is after lunch. Will her sleeping improve or should i go back to her sleeping on me for her nap (which i really dont want to) She is 11months old

nappyaddict Fri 13-Feb-09 07:57:24

How long does she have when she naps after lunch? Would she sleep in her pushchair better?

2cute2spook Fri 13-Feb-09 08:18:13

no her pushchair doesnt recline. she has half an hour to an hour. will she sleep longer after getting use to being in there?

nappyaddict Fri 13-Feb-09 08:22:32

It might be worth borrowing a buggy with a recline to try or getting a second hand one off ebay so you can sell on if it's no good.

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