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Waking in the night

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elsmommy Sun 10-Apr-05 13:27:27

My dd is 18mths. She has never been the best sleeper but now she keeps waking up in the night, usually a few times. She cries, I go in hold her hand and she falls back to sleep.
Any ideas how I can get her to sleep through?

kid Sun 10-Apr-05 13:42:51

You could try leaving her a little longer before you go into her each time. (Start off going in as soon aas she cries but the next time leave it a couple of minutes longer)

Does she fall asleep herself at bedtime or do you have to cuddle her?

elsmommy Sun 10-Apr-05 13:50:27

I have to hold her hand or just sit by her. Shes never fallen asleep by herself.

kid Sun 10-Apr-05 14:31:08

I think as she doesn't fall asleep herself at bedtime, she is unable to fall asleep herself when she wakes up in the night.
My DS was exactly the same and I managed to do controlled crying with him. He occassionally wakes in the night now and has a little cry. But I won't go into him unless he sounds like he getting very upset. I did controlled crying when he was 13 months old, (he has just turned 3).

elsmommy Sun 10-Apr-05 14:37:14

Ok, thanks. I'll give it a go tonight

kid Sun 10-Apr-05 14:48:40

best of luck, let us know how you get on.

Seona1973 Sun 10-Apr-05 15:09:38

Cant you teach your lo to get used to you moving progressively further away from the cot when she is going to sleep rather than going the whole hog and letting her screech/cry herself to sleep?(which btw could take a couple of hours)

This would be kinder for both you and your lo but may take a bit longer. Controlled crying can also backfire and make your lo scared of the cot/going to sleep as well.

I have always preferred the babywhisperer methods for teaching my lo to go to sleep by herself but do whatever suits you and your family.

elsmommy Sun 10-Apr-05 15:23:24

That might be kinder on her, she is a very clingy baby!

kid Mon 11-Apr-05 18:02:16

How was your DD last night?

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