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How to get 5 and 2.5yr old to SLEEP in the same room?!

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Emmalou Fri 08-Apr-05 22:03:16

I have 2 girls - dd 1 is 5 and and dd 2 is 2.5yrs old. They have both slept through the night since they were a few months old and have no problems settling at night and wake around 7am. They love being together and we are moving house in a few weeks time and would like them to share a room. I've tried them out in the bunkbeds in dd 1's room, the younger on the bottom, several times and it's just been a complete disaster. The girls have loved it but they just end up playing, snuggling, laughing, in and out the beds for what seems like hours. I've tried different combinations of who sleeps where (top, bottom, together etc) and gave several warnings about being separated but it made no difference. I also tried to put dd 2 down first hoping that she'd be asleep by the time dd1 went up but she was awake waiting for her! Each time dd 2 has ended up back in her own room in her cot. Should I perservere? How can I get them to settle down like before ? Does anyone have ANY ideas for me or similar experiences to draw on??

hunkermunker Fri 08-Apr-05 22:05:48

I shared a room with my brother when we were a similar age - we shared for a couple of years. I think the novelty wears off after a while.

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