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aaaaargh.......that b***** dummy!

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sleepymama Fri 08-Apr-05 08:05:58

Please help - 2 nights in arow now my ds (17 weeks) has been waking every 45mins-1 hour and half during the night frm 10.30 pm
I got up over 7 times to put his dummy back in.
It seems he comes into a light sleep and remembers the last thing as having the dummy so whimpers for it. I don't know what to do to stop this. Apart from sellotape the dummy in (joke)
Could it be just a phase? Should Ijust wait and see what happens.
Don't want to do cc just yet...

Evesmama Fri 08-Apr-05 08:11:14

as soon as he falls asleep try taking the dummy out so he gradually gets used to not having it...v.hard with such a tiny baby though as they want the comfort during the night, but i found with my dd, if i took it out and put it at the top of her cotbed, she didnt miss it so much????

ebbie22 Fri 08-Apr-05 08:25:11

I agree with evesmama,try stopping it as he is waking you up in the night then its disburbing you and while he is so little he will soon forget....Although saying that only sunday did we hide the dummy from my dd,28 months and for the last 2 nights its like dummy what dummy....Again saying this if dd saw another dummy it would be in her mouth in an instant....You can always buy the clips to attach to them but maybe at 17 wks thats not an option....hth

beansprout Fri 08-Apr-05 08:41:16

Does the whimper turn into anything else? It might be worth holding back and seeing if he can settle without? My mistake has always been going in too early and not giving ds enough of a chance to settle himself.
Also, cc really shouldn't be done until they are at least 6 months old.

motherinferior Fri 08-Apr-05 08:42:27

I finally cracked and just took DD2's away when she was about five months , because we were being tortured by sleep deprivation. It was awful for one night but then fine.

Evesmama Fri 08-Apr-05 08:45:04

i got dd off hers recently cos i bought her a different type and she kept staying they were sticky(full plastic around teat,instead of shaped around mouth)
and thats all i offered her. although i gave her one of her old ones through tyhe night for a couple of nights, she soon forgot and when she did mention it made a point of saying" heres your 'new' dummy", she kept saying "yak, sticky" and didnt bother after that!!!!but she is almost two, 17 weeks is a bit different.
IMO(not to upset anyone) i wouldnt use those clips in bed incase they got them selves tangled up in it?

ebbie22 Fri 08-Apr-05 08:50:14

I agree I wouldnt either,but just thought she might like to know that they are about for a later date?
Also i used to do the leave it a bit for them to settle themselves though its easier said then done when you are knackard...

ebbie22 Fri 08-Apr-05 08:51:08

what is cc?

ssd Fri 08-Apr-05 08:55:30

controlled crying.

My ds2 had a dummy and woke us up every bloody night when it fell out of his mouth.He eventually grew out of it himself (at 3 1/2).I found he just wouldn't settle unless he was sucking his dummy........sorry, I could never do cc, was always too knackered and gave in...............

ebbie22 Fri 08-Apr-05 08:59:15

Thank you,My dd was an angel for me at that age But got alot harder say 1 and a half with the dummy at night so yes cc is easer at that age...Could you not put a few dummies around his moses basket/cot and see if he finds any hmself?Jyst a thought.x

Evesmama Fri 08-Apr-05 09:00:35

thats a good idea
my dd would have greeted me with the lot in her mouth though

ebbie22 Fri 08-Apr-05 09:01:56


sleepymama Fri 08-Apr-05 10:16:30

Thanks for the advice.I will try to remove dummy when he is asleep and see if it helps. I used to always take his dummy out when he was asleep but recently have got a bit flaky (afraid of waking him).
Until 2 weeks ago he was happily sleeping from 8pm - 3/4am uninterupted. I forgive you 3/4am wake ups ...please come back
I have removed his dummy for his nap today - see how it goes. Don't know whats causing his waking though.
He threw a major tantrum before his nap, demanding his dummy and crying for over 15 mins. Not sure if overtired or teething ...

Also on a different note - since going on to BW easy routine 2 1/2 weeks ago I still have to wake him myself every morning...Is this right?

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