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16mth still wont sleep all night

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claire250 Thu 07-Apr-05 14:25:18

my 16 mth wont sleep all night still wakes for a drink in his cup.he wakes at least twice a night please can you giveme some tips.tried not giving him the cup but he screams all night.he wets right through as well with all the drinking please help.

franke Thu 07-Apr-05 14:31:03

I sympathise - my 2.6 year old has only just started sleeping through. At 16mo she was still drinking quite alot at night. We just got the most absorbant nappies we could find (probably Pampers) and then gradually began reducing the amount of drink available in the cup, without actually refusing to give her the cup IYKWIM. I can't remember when she actually gave up drinking in the night. She still goes to bed with a small cup of milk, but I don't see this as a problem.

99redballoons Thu 07-Apr-05 14:41:51

Hi claire250, my ds went through this phase for a short while around this age.. until we got tough. We use cloth nappies so haven't had the leaks at night, but I definitely have to pad them out a bit more as ds seems to wee so much at night! Ds used to fall asleep with his [water] cup like a comforter at night, but it always leaked onto his sheets and we did have the occasional nappy leak before I cottoned on to the extra padding required as he got bigger. It took a couple of nights for him to get used to not falling asleep with the cup, but we had to insist it went. In it's place came a second WinnieTP so now he has one WTP in one hand and his new one in the other. As long as he had something 'even better' to replace it with it seemed to do the trick.

As for cloth nappies, I have heard lots of mums on here talk about disposables in the day and cloth at night cos none of the disposables could match the cloth absorbancy. Some even moved to cloth full time once they were used to them. A good one to try out is a Bumble as it has the fleece inner which keeps them dry after a wee and has a pocket so you can stuff it as full as you like to cater for your ds. I use a hemp insert as they hold much more than the provided terry insert. HTH.

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