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sleep problems after potty training

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bubbymum Wed 06-Apr-05 20:46:58

We toilet trained our 2 yr 8 month old 3 months ago - she was dry and clean in 2 weeks - but since then she wakes in the night screaming and is only consoled in our bed - she will not go back into her own bed - before this she was a 7pm to 7am sleeper - no problems - has anyone else had this problem? We have tried leaving a light on - making sure she wees straight before bed - now she seems to wake every night and doesnt want the potty just to be in our bed - which she has never been bothered about before - HELP !!!!!!!

Pinotmum Wed 06-Apr-05 20:54:42

Would she understand star charts? My dd was older when she started this nearer 3.5 yo but I would bring her back to her bed and settle her every time she did this. Sometimes I slept on the end of her bed. I introduced a chart with stars for every night she stayed in her own bed and after a week she went back to her normal routine. Is your dd night dry as well as day trained?

bubbymum Wed 06-Apr-05 21:17:15

Her nappy in the morning is sometimes dry and otger times wet - no rhyme or reason really - when she wakes she is shaking and petrified and just shouting for mummys bed !! we are at the end of our tethers and dread oing to bed now !!

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