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Habit waking - advice please!

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ellensmelons Fri 30-Jan-09 13:10:36

DS now 3 mo drinks like a fish and is in 6-9 month clothes. Since a cold he had 2 weeks ago, he has been waking at 3.30 am on the dot and i cannot get him to settle!! Before the cold he was waking nearer 5.30, so i know he can do it. I've tried shhing, patting, stroking, the dummy. He will go straight back to sleep after some watery formula, but seems almost frantic for a drink by the time he gets it. If i leave him to cry he gets louder and louder.... and i have a 16 month old i don't want to wake!!!

Sorry long post. Any top tips very gratefully received!!! xx

MrsBadger Fri 30-Jan-09 13:11:57

sounds like he's hungry

probably the onset of the 16wk growth spurt

feed him (proper stuff, not watered-down)

ellensmelons Fri 30-Jan-09 13:28:42

If i give him more than 2 scoops, it puts him right off his 7am feed tho, Less, and he wakes again at 5! (sigh!) But only 2 oz of water leaves him anxious and unsettled, so i make it up to 4 so he feels full. Honestly, it's like a science experiment sometimes..

ellensmelons Fri 30-Jan-09 19:31:46

Any other help gratefully received!

CharCharGabor Fri 30-Jan-09 19:34:25

I agree it sounds like a growth spurt. Forget about times and amounts and just feed him what he asks for (not watered down). He will settle down in a short while but right now he needs the extra calories.

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