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MollyMooMin Wed 06-Apr-05 17:20:41

My daughter's routine is starting to change now she's hit 3 months. I'd just like to know what other peoples routines are so that I can compare. Thanks.

Jimjams Wed 06-Apr-05 20:12:14

not much of a routine during the day (depends what his brothers are doing). last feed 8ish, bed by 9ish wakes 6.30...

flumps Wed 06-Apr-05 20:45:27

my daughter nearly 3 months. She goes to sleep at 7:30pm, wakes at 3:30am for a feed and then sleeps thru till 7:30am. In am pretty happy with that

Pollyanna Wed 06-Apr-05 21:22:03

mine's 3 months too. she goes to bed at 11ish (sometimes 10.30, sometimes 12) and I wake her at about 8.30 in the morning - she would sleep for 12 hours if she could. She then has one long nap during the day (todays was 11.45 to 3.30). I would like her to go to sleep earlier in the evening, but can't get her to do this.What is your dd's routine MollyMooMin?

hsbcarter Thu 07-Apr-05 09:06:50

You all sound very lucky.
3 month old breastfed baby. Sometimes sleeps 4 hours from 8pm more normally 3 hours and then awake every 2 hours for feeding until 7am when we get up for the day.

Sleeps 1.5hrs at 11am so long as he is walked/driven.

MollyMooMin Thu 07-Apr-05 09:07:23

Well,up until now, she would wake up at 7.30, get fed & play for an hour or so, then nap for an hour, up & play an hour, nap an hour.. & so on all day, feeding every 6 hours. Last bottle would be 6.30, bath, hair-wash & in bed for 7.30. BUT, over the past week/fortnight, when I've put her down for her nap, although she's been tired she's been so restless she can't sleep! When she does drift off, 20-30 mins later, she's crying. So, I get her up, take her downstairs but can't do anything with her as she's so tired & ratty! Her nightime routine is the same & she goes down like a dream, but by 10.30-11.00pm, again she's crying, very restless.. I go to check on her only to find she's still asleep but crying & groaning so loud I can't sleep!What do you think?

MollyMooMin Thu 07-Apr-05 17:15:49


sleepymama Thu 07-Apr-05 18:04:06

Hi Mollymoomin - my ds was exactly the same at nap times. Sounds like your ds is still tired. I read somewhere that at 3 months they start to experience adult sleep cycles and that when they come into a light sleep at 30- 45 mins they sometimes can't soothe themselves back again.
I got round this by swaddling my ds after a whole 6 weeks of sheer hell. However, he may be sleeping too much in the day now... (another thread)
Don't worry too much though I have been reliably informed that they grow out of it.

artyjoe Thu 07-Apr-05 18:22:42

My dd is 11 weeks, goes to bed at 11pm ish and wakes at 6pm ish...can't get her to go any more than this but it's a shame as she doesn't actually wake up but gets frustrated trying to get her hand out of her swaddle to suckle and that's what eventually wakes her up...although we normally wake her before as she's made so much noise trying to get her hand that we're wide awake!

I have also found that if I don't swaddle we don't sleep!

nicetoeslee Thu 07-Apr-05 21:50:28

My DS is 12 weeks and I have just changed his routine slightly. Before, it was bath at 7-15pm, massage/play, into night clothes, feed, (BF) and bed by 8pm. I would then wake him at 10:30pm, into night time nappy (we use cloth), bottle and he would sleep through until about 3-3am. However, I have changed it so that it is feed 7-7.30pm, bath every other night (due to dry skin) dressed, feed and in bed by 9pm. Wake and into night time nappy 12am. I am holding out feeding him until at least 4am with controlled crying if he wakes earlier with the idea he will learn to go longer. Time will tell.

donnacb Thu 07-Apr-05 22:23:07

My ds is five months but 2 months early so sort of three months. any how he goes to bed 20.30 wakes 04.00 -05.00 then up 06.30-08.30 ish. I think brest fed babies dont normally sleep through as quickly as bottle fed baby. Im hoping when he gets to 6 months will be able to go that extra 2 3 hours. Do have him in routine at night though. food boob bath massage boob bed. Touchy baby as described by whisperer. so likes to know whats coming. roughly always stick to same routine . wake up boob play food sleep food play boob sleep play boob food boob bath time etc. wow what a life. think must fit in time for me. any suggestions

CheekyGirl Sun 10-Apr-05 15:15:48

Glad I'm not the only one, hsbcarter!!

Ds is 15weeks and bf 3 hourly all night. he goes to bed around 8pm, and will occasionally go 4 hours at this point.

For me, a good night is one where he settles between feeds. Sometimes he is fussing/crying every half an hour.

he doesn't sleep much in the day either, not from lack of trying!!!

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