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Help! - everything has changed!

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harro39 Wed 06-Apr-05 15:39:57

nearly 2yo s has always gone through phases so hopefully this is just one!

will not go to bed. start routine 7.15 ish not going to sleep until 8.45 after all of us getting stressed. is worse since clock going forward so are going to try putting to bed later but worried about him not getting enough sleep. woke at 5 am this morning, this was a problem but had got better last week and a half but may be coming back so any advice on this welcome! Am trying sleeping bunny clock which has worked a bit.

He will sleep in day and I try to limit him to 1.5hr, he would sleep longer.

Also very restless sleeper and kicks duvet off and cries out. settles when duvet back on so must be cold - any tricks for keeping duvets on without 'pinning' him to bed which he would not like.

I am a very light sleeper so wake up at any cry even if he is not fully awake and then i cant get back to sleep. get sore ears with wax ear plugs so any other noise reduction tips welcome

Feeling quite low and hopeless at moment. sorry for whinging on! Any advice welcome

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