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7 mo old has a 2-3hr party in the middle of the night. Anyone else?

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Chocolatedays Wed 28-Jan-09 11:04:47

DD goes to sleep at 7ish (no probs) then wakes for a feed... goes back to sleep agin no probs BUT at some time between 10.30 and 1am wakes for a non existant party. She's not upset just wide awake (unlike me).

Anyone else?

Any tips?

PuzzleRocks Wed 28-Jan-09 14:30:15

Bumping for you.

Chocolatedays Fri 30-Jan-09 12:00:49

My HV assures me this is a common problem.... just maybe not for mnetters!??

BananaSkin Fri 30-Jan-09 20:42:02

I remember this ... I think we tried to keep it as quiet and boring as possible so as not to reinforce that it was worth waking for. Can she self settle OK without a feed? If not, worth gradually getting her used to doing this.

Ferber's book 'Solving your child's sleep problems' is worth buying as it explains how to do this, and explains sleep cycles and how children are more likely to wake at certain times.

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