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Spoo Wed 06-Apr-05 08:38:16

Last night I tried the dream feed on my 9 week old DS - you guys recommended and it worked like a dream. DS took the bottle without opening his eyes and went straight back to sleep after.

However, he started grunting at 2a.m. this morning and hasn't stopped all night. He normally does this from 5 a.m. which I can sort of cope with. He is swaddled tightly but seems to get his arms free and kick his covers off. This is all done in his sleep and he never ever cries. Does anyone know why they grunt and whether there is anything I can do?

Thanks again!


Mud Wed 06-Apr-05 08:57:42

babies make all sorts of weird noises, the only thing you can do is think ahh how sweet

the phrase 'sleeping like a baby' actually means: flailing around, whimpering, grunting, snorting, yelping

the trick is to ignore anything that isn't an all out cry and train yourself to sleep through it

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