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waking in the smal hours for nothing!!

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GirlWithTheMouseyHair Sat 24-Jan-09 09:35:42

help - sleep deprivation torture in action!!

since about week six, DS (now 12weeks) generally woke once in the night between 11pm and 7:30am ish to feed, then would drop back off to sleep til morning. two weeks ago we had 5 consecutive nights of him sleeping through but since then our nights have been horrendous. At first I thought it was a growth spurt but even if it was initially, I don't think it is anymore...he's gone back to waking once for a feed (which I don't mind, if he's hungry, he's hungry) but now wakes at least once more, normally after the feed, and is awake for at least an hour til we'e able to settle him, normally now bouncing/rocking him to sleep...he's not hungry, nappy is clean, he's warm, doesn't want his dummy, doesn't even seem to want to be awake...driving me insane from the lack of sleep, any ideas???

rubyslippers Sat 24-Jan-09 09:48:11

he is tiny and needs a cuddle

try swaddling him after the feed to see if that helps

SoWhat Sat 24-Jan-09 10:01:02

Hate to tell you this but my DD is 8 months and still wakes a couple of times a night for a cuddle.

TheGashlycrumbTinies Sat 24-Jan-09 10:09:27

Really hate to tell you this, DD 3.6 years, awake for 3 hours last night, only had 4 full nights sleep since she was born...

Could go on, but won't.

Not one upmanship, you understand. wink

GirlWithTheMouseyHair Sat 24-Jan-09 19:09:35

oh god oh god oh god!!! trouble is cuddles don't seem to work, we swaddled but still took another hour to settle him. I'm not bothered about him sleeping through if he needs to feed, but do object to being woken for no reason and spending so long settling him again

AngusSteaknife Sat 24-Jan-09 21:16:39

We found just putting DD back in cot did the trick. She would wake, I would feed her - little or lots depending on her - and then put her down and turn out the light.

Once she was back in her cot she would chunter away to her toys and then fall asleep.

It might be worth a try with your boy, a quick cuddle and back down. HTH

lovelylou Mon 26-Jan-09 09:39:40

We are having exactly the same problem with my dd and she is six months. So if you do figure out what to do please tell me cos i am shattered sad

GirlWithTheMouseyHair Mon 26-Jan-09 23:49:00

The last three evenings I've just taken him into bed with me - am in theory not wanting to go down co-sleeping route but too flipping tired to care! at least he falls asleep...

bubbleymummy Tue 27-Jan-09 10:28:57

That's what happened with me and DS - although he was younger when I brought him into bed with me. I was so tired of him waking just after I had put him back in the moses basket - which was right beside the bed! that I just brought him into bed with us and he started sleeping mujch better. I didn't intend to co-sleep either - I actually didn't know anything about it but if having him in bed with us meant that we all got a good night sleep then I didn't care!

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