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Mine Thu 22-Jan-09 19:53:54

I was wondering if anyone can tell me when the right time is to introduce a pillow at bedtime to toddlers...??

My 15month old DS sleeps through most of the time but its not a settled kind of sleep IYKWIM......

DevilsAdvocaat Thu 22-Jan-09 19:56:17

i have just given one to ds who is 19mo.
i did because when i put him in his cot he kept putting his head on stuffed toys.
it's small, foam and quite flat.


ps ds went through a period of unsettled sleep at 15mo too!

MidgetGem Thu 22-Jan-09 20:14:04

DD 16 months old, never been a good sleeper, bought a pillow and baby quilt from mothercare last month and never looked back! she is so more settled she doesn't really sleep under quilt just snuggles up to it. After her bottle she shouts piwwow and wants to go into cot with pillow!

Mine Thu 22-Jan-09 20:42:00

DS also lays on top of his teddy bears and loves to sleep on top of our pillows, but i was a bit scared to give him his own pillow at night in case he suffocated or something..... over protective mummy alert!

Where would you recommend i get his first pillow.....??
Are there special ones for toddlers...??

Thanks so far, this really does help

Mine Thu 22-Jan-09 21:02:32

actually i have just seen one on Mothercare's website and they can cost anything up to £18 shock

I think i'll try him out on my flat one!!

nappyzonehasastroppytoddler Thu 22-Jan-09 21:05:44

i gave one to my 22 month old about 4 weeks ago as he had an ongoing cough and i thought it would help - i gave him one of my older flatter ones and now he wont give it back - the coughing has certainly cut back though coincidence i dont know but its staying.....

IAteMakkaPakka Thu 22-Jan-09 21:12:32

I noticed DS was stealing our pillows (we cosleep part of the night) and bunching his bedding up to sleep on when he was around 14 months maybe, so he got a low flat one. Nothing posh from Mothercare, just an ancient squashed one blush grin

DevilsAdvocaat Thu 22-Jan-09 21:17:07

same makkapakka blush

i think after a year they can have a duvet and pillow irrc so 15 mo will be fine i'm sure.

Mine Thu 22-Jan-09 21:49:18

I think i'll try it out tomorrow at nap time.....

(ahhhh what happened to my baby.... he's a little man now!!.... i know, i know, it just a pillow, get a grip eh grin)

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