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DS 12.5 months, wakes at same times each night for bottle. wake to sleep?

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lilimama Sun 18-Jan-09 18:34:36

Can someone explain what Wake to Sleep is? I'm 13 weeks pregnant and need more sleep than getting and DS wants a bottle at almost same times each night, 12.30 and 4.20. Any other suggestions very welcome. The extreme distress he works up if he gets water instead of milk is truly frightening (vomiting, breathing problems etc) and I get really stressed. But I"ve had enough and he's such a big boy in so many other ways, a walking talking stomper of a thing (with a hell of a temper). I just feel its time for things to change.
Any suggestions?


janx Sun 18-Jan-09 18:49:00

Am interested too - ds wakes at 4.30 am and it is killing me. He is 13 months

WobblyPig Sun 18-Jan-09 18:58:11

Have you tried watering down the milk gradually rather than just giving him water. I started off with 20ml/200ml and gradually increased to 120ml/80ml and then stopped the milk . That said DS still wakes 1-3 times a night and he is 2.3 it's just not for milk.. Some children never sleep well.

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