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is this a routine???

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kezzax Thu 31-Mar-05 17:25:23

my baby 17 weeks falls asleep in my arms at approx 7.30pm every night then goes in to her cot and settles untill 10 then has last feed, she then falls back asleep untill early hours where she'l wake up a few times over night and il just put her dummy in and she (most of the time) goes back to sleep- is she likely to stay in this pattern or am i gonna struggle if i dont let her fall asleep herself at 7.30- i must stress im quite happy with it at the moment but am worried its her age rather than a routine that has her sleeping well

throckenholt Thu 31-Mar-05 17:32:21

only thing I would suggest is putting her in her cot before she falls asleep - so that gets used to going to sleep on her own. That way if she wakes in the night she is more likely to go back to sleep without you needing to go to her.

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