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sleep routine after a bad bout of croup and an ear infection

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kerry16 Thu 31-Mar-05 12:35:46

Please help!!!!!!
My gorg seven month old has suffered with a bad bout of croup since january, and had a bad ear/throat infection over the Easter Weekend, thankfully, both of these seem to be getting alot better.
However, his sleep pattern has been completely disturbed - he was sleeping right through the night from the age of 4 months, and was able to get himslef back off to sleep should he wake in the night.
Now he sleeps form 8pm till midnight, then wakes constantly every hour after that until 6am.
When his croup was really bad, he could easily be settled by gently rubbing his back, now this doesn't work, and he needs cuddling back to sleep out of the cot.
He currently sleeps in our room whilst building work is carried out on his room, so very time he wakes up so do we.
I am 6 months pregnant ( yes i know it is a very short age gap, but we are delighted, considering we were told three years ago that we probably wouldnt conceive due to an ectopic pregnancy) so as you can imagine i am exhausted.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to how i can get my little man back into a proper sleeping routine, in hope that i might get some sleep!!!

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