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Swaddeling confusion

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daintree Wed 30-Mar-05 20:55:03

Our little boy Ben is 5 months old and used to sleep through most nights untill recently.

From birth we have been swaddling Ben as he suffered from extremely bad colic for the first 7-8 weeks of his life. The only way to get him to settle was to swaddle (most times). The problem I am having now is that this is not working as Ben is bviously getting stronger and breaking free of his swaddle and waking up, I am increasingly feeling like I am restraining him rather than soothing him, as it takes quite a few attempts to wrap him up.

I have tried for a week not to swaddle but this had disastrous results and very sleepless nights.

Does anyone have any tips for what we should do.



wordsmith Wed 30-Mar-05 20:58:06

Try a baby sleeping bag! I don't think you'll be able to wrap him up at 5 months, he'll be too strong and break through. But IME a sleeping bag keeps them warm and makes them feel cosy. They're just like pinafore dresses zipped up all around the bottom and have plenty of legroom. When I had DS1 you could hardly find them anywhere but now you can't move in M&S, Mothercare etc for them.

larlylou Wed 30-Mar-05 21:12:44

I used to swaddle my ds when he was a baby and at about 2-3 months he started to break free so I used to let him sleep with his arms out until he got more comfortable with it but kept the bottom part swaddled so he had a feel of it and then when the weather was too hot I took the plunge and put him into a sleeping bag - I started at nap times so come bed time he slowly became accustomed to it. I used to have to hold his arms by his side gently so he didn't flap around but with a bit of perseverence (sp?) he got the gist and after a couple of weeks was really comfortable sleeping in his bag (now I can't get him from a bag to a duvet!). Don't fret, I thought that I would never get him out of swaddling and was really panicking but eventually it just clicks and all the hard work pays off. Sleeping bags really are a genius invention...have you considered using one?

daintree Thu 31-Mar-05 10:11:55

We tried using a sleeping bag a few months ago as he started struggeling to get free then but he just was'nt having it. He seems to get frustrated and his arms fly all over the place.
I might try just swaddeling the lower half to begin with as you said and see what happens, then possibly move onto the sleeping bag again.
Thankyou very much for your advice. c

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