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when can dd go into a 'proper' bed

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RobynLou Thu 08-Jan-09 23:02:12

shes nearly 17 months and has never really got on with her cot, will happily sleep on any 'proper' bed though. the cots quite small and she wakes herself up rolling into the sides

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Thu 08-Jan-09 23:04:41

When you are confident that she is ready. DD2 is 18 months and will be getting a bed as soon as we move house in a couple of weeks time.

DD1 was quite attatched to her cot but transfered herself to her sofa when she was about 3 and half.

You can always buy and fit a guard rail if you are worried about her falling out.

alittleteapot Thu 08-Jan-09 23:19:05

we've just bought one for dd (18 months) but haven't moved her into it yet - she's still in with us.

RobynLou Fri 09-Jan-09 00:14:47

we have a guard rail - on our bed at the mo - i'm more worried about her getting out of bed and up to mischief than rolling out though. does anyone have a stair gate on their lo's bedroom door to mimnimise this? was thinking we could super-duper baby proof her room so she'd be safe if she woke up and got out of bed without us realising

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