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Sorry, another CC thread but please help!

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carwillin Mon 28-Mar-05 19:41:54

My ds is 8 months old and was a wonderful sleeper up until we moved house (7 - 7). After 2 months of not sleeping we have decided to try CC. We have started tonight and he has been screaming since 7:15. He seems to settle when we go in the room and then scream even harder when we leave the room. Should we just leave him to cry it out or keep going in?

Both DH and I are very committed and would love this to work for us but being novices we are finding hard to make rational decisions while our little boy is screaming.

Any ideas??

Twiglett Mon 28-Mar-05 19:46:48

choose a path and stick to it, the worst thing you can do is switch from one to the other

crying it out is really tough .. they can go for hours, but it is probably over and done with within a week tops (could even be a couple of nights)

PUPD which sounds like what you're doing is more exhausting as you have to keep popping in and then leaving as soon as he's calm then increasing the number of minutes .. this will probably take a touch longer but also effective

sounds like you and DH should just go for one or the other .. we are all novices when it comes to doing it for our own kids (much easier to sit on the other end of the computer and say yeah do this )

if it helps we did cry it out with DS (now 4) on a couple of different occasions .. the last when he was 2 and moved to a bed .. it worked first night both times (less than an hour)

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