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getting a 2 week old to take a daytime nap...

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mckenzie Sun 27-Mar-05 20:27:10

DD (second child) is 2 and a half weeks old.
If I take her out in the pram she falls asleep but of course sometimes she needs a sleep and we are at home/at someone elses home/out and about etc. What can I do to persuade her to have a sleep without rocking the pram etc?
Should I be strict with myself and wrap her up in a blanket, put her in the pram and if necessary leave her to grizzle if i think she needs a sleep? But how do i know at this age whether she needs a sleep or not?

So many questions I know I'm going to sound like a pathetic mother and I should know better as this is my second but to tell you the truth, this time round it seems to be even harder, not easier!

colditzmum Sun 27-Mar-05 20:29:44

Ahhhh, rock her. She will probably need a sleep when she has had a good big feed.

Mind you at 2 weeks I could not keep ds awake if he wasn't hungry. He used to fall asleep in the middle of a bath, nappy change, all sorts!

mckenzie Sun 27-Mar-05 20:33:51

lucky you colditzmum
DD stayed awake today from about 1pm until 7.45!! and not for lack of trying on our part to get her to sleep. She had a snooze about 2.30 from me rocking the pram but that lasted about 20 mins and then she even stayed awake during a 20 minute car journey at 5pm even though surely she must have been so tired. Trouble is, I'm sure she gets over tired and then is very difficult to get to sleep at bedtime (hence the 7.45pm sleep even though we started putting her to bed at 6.45!)

kama Sun 27-Mar-05 20:40:30

Message withdrawn

throckenholt Sun 27-Mar-05 20:42:17

she will probably get tired within 2 hours of waking, maybe even as soon as an hour. If she gets overstimulated and overtired it may be harder for her to fall asleep.

Then wrap her up, lay her down and tell her it is sleep time, and maybe rub her back.

Hopefully she will get the idea soon.

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