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5 week ds has slept 6 hours at night twice, any way to encourage??

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mad4mybaby Mon 29-Dec-08 08:52:58

the last 2 nights in a row he has slept roughly 12-6am. which is FAB for us! Plus he seems happier too. i KNOW he is still tiny and very young to be sleeping through but what can i do to encourage this? I have 2.5yr old who is up at 6am and my dh works away most of the time so this will really make life more bareable for me.

any tips? He isnt in any routine yet apart from feeding roughly every 3 hours.

MrsMattie Mon 29-Dec-08 09:02:10

Will watch with interest!

My DS didn't sleep through the night until 2.5 yrs old sad, but my 6 wk old DD has slept 10pm-5am-ish the last 4 nights. We also haven't got any routine (cant be arsed this time round) and my DD also feeds roughly 3 hourly.

No expectations (know what babies are like!) but would be lovely if this was the start of something... grin

seeker Mon 29-Dec-08 09:03:15

No-sorry! I think the really important thing is to enjoy the sleeps when they happen (make sure you sleep yourself as well) but don't expect it to happen again. It might, and if it does it'll be a lovely surprise, and if it doesn't you won't be disappointed. And you won't have spent time and energy in trying to make it happen again!

MrsMattie Mon 29-Dec-08 09:05:24

That's exactly what I'm doing grin@seeker. Like I said, no expectations (then they can't be dashed!)

littleboyblue Mon 29-Dec-08 09:05:59

Think they sleep when theyre ready to tbh and I wouldn't do anything to encourage sleeping longer or without feeds until the back end of 4 months really.

mad4mybaby Mon 29-Dec-08 09:08:59

ds1 slept through at 8 weeks but did have quite strict routine..

del1 Sun 04-Jan-09 21:35:54

My 8 week old was feeding 180 ml every 3/4 hours. 11pm - 3am, then till 7am.
Went for his 8 week check and heath visitor said I could start using hungrier babies. So I have kept stage 1 for the day. But the past two nights fed him aptimal stage 2 at 9pm, then 11pm, and he has slept right through, I have to wake him at 7am!! Hope I havn't jinxed myself, but I'm keeping everything crossed this carries on !!

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