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HELP!!! 16 month old now refusing to nap but really really needs to or else is unbearable!

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TreeandMistleJoe Sat 27-Dec-08 15:59:29

ds has always been a champion sleeper at night but has always been a little challenging to get to sleep in the day. used to feed, rock, drive to sleep when little but since he turned one, he has been settling much better at home for nap but now it all seems to have gone terribley wrong!

if i put him in his cot, he just screams and cries (i have never been very good at leaving him to cry), it just doesn't seem natural to me and i just get upset and stressed.

earlier he sobbed for 15 minutes whilst stood up in his cot and i went to get him cos i just hated to leave him on his own like that. his room is dark, he's obviously shattered, very grizzley, rubbing eyes etc but won't sleep. if i sit him on my lap to go to sleep he just cries too, then cries when i put him down to play too. only way we could get him to sleep at all today was to go on an hour and half drive (not good for us or the environment!).

what the hell i can do as dh is back at work the day after tomorrow and will take the car so not an option???!

he's not really that good at going to sleep in the buggy either, often goes into meltdown rather than just drifting off. i have a horrible feeling it is going to result in some kind of sleep training sad which i have always avoided as he is very good at settling himself at night and i don't want to ruin that.

please come advise me!

PuzzleRocks Sat 27-Dec-08 18:02:02


TreeandMistleJoe Sat 27-Dec-08 19:48:37

thanks puzzle! bumping again.

TreeandMistleJoe Sat 27-Dec-08 20:25:31

right bugger you all then wink lol. someone must have some advice???!!!

MatNanPlusTINSEL Sat 27-Dec-08 20:29:30

How about snuggling on the sofa with a blanket and watching a dvd? then if he nods off - great if not he has had chill out time.

TreeandMistleJoe Sat 27-Dec-08 20:46:40

sounds like a lovely idea but my ds has never ever sat still on the sofa, even when tired, he needs to be pinned down sad. i'd love to watch tv with him but he wants to be climbing all over the sofa, cries when i stop him. thank you though i do apreciate the suggestio. he seems to need all stimulation removed before he can go to sleep or else be in motion in the car. fine at night as his room is totally dark and he settles alone fine but he will have none of it in the day!!! how i wish he would snuggle with me under a blanket and just doze off, would be lovely but he can't switch off for some reason.

MatNanPlusTINSEL Sat 27-Dec-08 20:56:28

as he isn't sleeping in the day how is his night itme sleep?

Could you let him play for longer alone in the morning and bring the bedtime earlier?

TreeandMistleJoe Sun 28-Dec-08 06:38:36

he sleeps great at night really, from 7pm to 6am which is all i can expect from him at this age. the problem is that by 11am he is foul tempered, crying, grizzling if he doesn't go to sleep. i think it's hopefully just a phase and it will come right again???? hopefully!!!!!!!! will just have to keep trying i think. thanks xxxx

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