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tell me this isnt normal!?

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emum2 Sun 21-Dec-08 18:59:50

my ds who is 2.5 will not settle to go to sleep, hes always been bad at settling himself and calming down after the day, and is a very hypa toddler, even so am at a loss of what to do as he is getting worse not better! last night was an all time bad of 1.30 am by the time he finally went to sleep! im knakered!
we have done controlled crying and another type which you sit by them and settle them everytime they cry, neither of which makes a difference, he just either gets up and plays (just running round his room as have locked his toys away for the night) or talks to himself in his bed, untill he gets worked up and then runs round his room again! he will escape from the stair gate up at his door and wake his sister up and go downstairs and sneak into the kitchen.
once hes alseep he seems fine, and if given the chance will lay in, am not letting him anymore though.
any ideas on what else to try?

thisisyesterday Sun 21-Dec-08 19:08:06

what time does he go to bed? it sounds like he could be getting overtired?
what's his bedtime routine like?

emum2 Sun 21-Dec-08 21:18:32

yes hes definately over tired, but its a viscious cycle and not sure how to get him to sleep so hes not over tired? good bedtime routine quiet time for an hour up till bed, then cuddle and story in bed. no bath as that makes him more hyped up.
any ideas?

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