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5 month old waking in the night again

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JoandMax Fri 19-Dec-08 08:45:54

Hi everyone,
This is my first post and I'm hoping for some advice about my little boy's sleep.
He is 5 months old and for the last few weeks has started waking in the night again (previously was sleeping through from 7/8 weeks). Some nights he is literally up every half hour from midnight to morning so I am shattered!!
He starts by gurgling and cooing then it gets to shouts then cries. When I pick him up he calms down very quickly and is fast asleep but then I go to put him down again he cries or will stay asleep an hour maximum. He's not hungry, if I offer a bottle he will half heartedly take an ounce then move away. Have checked he's not too hot or too cold, changed nappy, tried teething gel etc but no difference!
He sleeps pretty well during the day - is happy going into his cot awake then goes off to sleep on his own, he has approx 45 mins in the morning, 1.5 to 2 hours at lunchtime then another 30-45 mins late afternoon. We do the same routine of bath, feed, bed every night and that hasn't changed.
My HV suggested I leave him to 'cry it out' but I really don't agree with that, I feel if he's crying he's upset by something and needs his mummy. Just wondered if this is a normal developmental phase or any tips on how to help him sleep better.
Thanks xx

littleboyblue Fri 19-Dec-08 08:50:42

Yes, I'd say it's pretty normal. I don't like the 'crying it out either, although I have always done a form of controlled crying.
What I would personally suggest is that if you know he's not hungry and there's nothing wrong, go into him and rest your hand on his tummy or head and shush him until he settles, then leave the room and continue like this.
When my ds went/goes through this, I don't/have never taken him out of cot at night unless there is something wrong. IMO he needs to learn that night is sleep time and how to settle himself with as little help from you as poss.

JoandMax Fri 19-Dec-08 08:57:24

Thanks, I do generally get him out of the cot to settle him (but stay in his room) but leave light off, no talking etc. I do this during the day too if he's fretful for his naps. Will try tonight to comfort him staying in his cot.
Any indication on how long this lasts?!! My husband is away with work this week and in the new year so have nobody else to share the wakings and it's so hard!

littleboyblue Fri 19-Dec-08 09:02:18

God I know it's hard. I had my dp here with me most nights (when he wasn't working night shift) and it was still really hard.
Can't say how long it goes on for, my ds still mostly wakes at least once a night but that because there's cold after cold after tooth coming after cold etc.
I think the secret is acceptance. It's lovely to have a baby sleep through from an early age (mine didn't) but a friend once said to me "Why do you think he should/would sleep through" and my answer was "because I want him to" and once I realised there wasn't a reason he should do anything and I just accepted that I'd be up a few times through the night, it got a bit easier and I started to find time to grab a nap when he did after a bad night.

JoandMax Fri 19-Dec-08 09:05:22

The joys of parenthood eh?!! Think I will just have to celebrate the good nights where he doesn't wake til 4am and start napping at lunchtime when he does!!
We're off to my parents for over a week at christmas and my mum is so enamoured with him she's offered to have him in with her for a few nights so we can catch up, think I need to get her an extra special present for that.
Thanks for your help x

littleboyblue Fri 19-Dec-08 09:06:44

That's good. My mum did the same in those early months too, they're great aren't they?
Hope it gets better soon.

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