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Cosleepers - does anyone do this, or is it just me ???? need to know am not the only one !

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Fleurey Thu 18-Dec-08 21:53:00

DD falls asleep on the boob around 7:30 and I keep her downstairs asleep quite happily on the sofa until we all go up to the big bed. I tried settling her upstairs before she was crawling but was always going up and down and felt that I was not having any break at night too. She is crawling now so would not put her in the bed on her own for fear of her falling out! It seems to work for us but think I may be judged by other mums, she is 11 months.

FaintlyMacabre Thu 18-Dec-08 22:32:17

If it works for you it sounds fine.
This method would make my life so much easier but there is no way that my son would settle downstairs in the evening -I'm quite jealous.

Don't worry about other mums judging you- you don't have to tell them anyway.

crokky Thu 18-Dec-08 22:34:24

I don't know what the problem with that is! I did this with my DS, he is now 2.9 and still in our bed. DD is 8m and she is in a cot next to us as she is too little to come in bed with a wild toddler!

IAteTheWholeSelectionBox Thu 18-Dec-08 22:37:25

I too am jealous. If DS had done that when he was wee life would have been so much easier! As it was we both spent the evenings upstairs

If it works, go with it

thumbElf Thu 18-Dec-08 22:40:46

I co-slept with DS full time until he was about 5.5mo when neither of us were getting proper sleep so moved him into the cot.
He still falls asleep on the boob (although since he turned 1 2 weeks ago, it's getting harder - he fights against falling asleep) and then he gets put in his cot. If he wakes in the night, he gets dreamfed and put back in his cot - if he wakes again within half an hour and is fully awake then I bring him into my bed to co-sleep, as otherwise he will doze for about 10 mins and then wake up and wail again. It's a temperature thing with him, I'm sure - he gets too hot, then too cold. He seems to cope fine with me, just with a sheet and blanket on him (plus being in my warm bed).

Do you not have a cot to put your DD in? I would recommend that you get one if poss; it does help to have a secure place to put your LO when they are asleep and you aren't ready for it.

ShellySara Sat 20-Dec-08 23:02:33

Before DD was moving about, I would put her to sleep on my bed and build a little fort of pillows round her. I would have the monitor on downstairs to hear if she knocked the pillows off the bed.

Now she is moving, I feed her to sleep on the bed, let her cuddle into my neck and sneak her into her cot. She will stay like this until about 45 minutes after I go to bed (this time varies so I am sure she is waiting for me), and then she will cry for me to come get her.

She is 8 months old.

What I have considered is taking the bedframe away and putting my mattress on the floor, that way if she does roll off, she only has a couple of inches to go, you can pad the edges out with something soft too.

At the moment though, she is happy enough in her cot for the few hours before I go to bed, and I am lucky enough that DP works overseas and doesnt miss out on his bed space!

Check out Dr Sears website. I know it is American, but these are paediatricians that are keen on co-sleeping, and he will give you plenty of advice.

Hope this helps.

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