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11 month old not settle into a daytime nap routine.

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didsnbump Thu 18-Dec-08 14:50:12

My DS is nearly 1 year old and he has gone from having a lovely daytime nap routine to not.
I expected things to change, but for him to settle into a new rountine as he needed less sleep in the day but its all over the place and its driving me mad, as i plan my day and then it all goes wrong.

Yesterday he was up at 7am, had mums and tots at 10am so hoped he would sleep in the buggy on the way. He didnt which was fine, i had packed his lunch so gave him that before we left and he slept as we left just after 12pm for 3 hours.

Today he woke at 6.30am, was planning on doing the same as yesterday, as in keep him up and put him down after an early lunch at 11.45am. Enabling me to walk to the supermarket to get something for tea.
I put him in his cot as always to play with loads of toys with the blind still open and radio playing at 9.30am while i jumped in the bath, only for him to go to sleep. So no going out this morning for me!

How do i get him into a routine??

littleboyblue Thu 18-Dec-08 15:01:50

I had similar with ds. he wanted to be back asleep at 9 (after waking at 6) and it doesn't really fit in with what I want to do, so I changed it.
We don't really do playgroups often so mornings are spent in Tescos.
I think you just have to be very consistant. We have a cd I like to play ds as he sleeps at night, so do that during day too. He goes down for nap, the minute he finishes lunch. It took a good few months for him to realise tht it was bedtime after lunch not before, but you'll get there.
Sometimes I can put him down and he's still awake an hour later, but he stays in there until he's had a sleep. He's given up making too much of a fuss

didsnbump Thu 18-Dec-08 17:06:34

Getting him to sleep isnt a problem, its keeping him up so that he just has one sleep after lunch, because if he naps in the morning he then needs another one later and it can end up that he wont go to sleep at bed time as he has napped to late.

littleboyblue Thu 18-Dec-08 18:21:46

Oh, I see. Don't know what to suggest.....
Goodluck though

TheGabster Fri 19-Dec-08 13:28:13

Right there with you didsnbump. Revelling in the "no morning nap", we went shopping today, only to have DS fall asleep in the car on the way back at 11am hmm. He never falls asleep in the car anymore (or I suppose that should now say, only when I don't want him to).

Have just resigned myself to fact that we can't do anything remotely connected to sleep before his lunch-nap after about 10.30 i.e. going out in pushchair, car or .... ermm ... putting him in his cot to have a bath? (I put him on the bathroom floor with a toy and play peekaboo through the shower door, or in his playpen instead if that's any help).

Most people I talk to says it usually only takes a few weeks of being consistent with the no morning nap policy for them to get used to it (fingers crossed).

mummc2 Fri 26-Dec-08 22:12:55

i have just had this problem and i went with trying to get her to sleep in longer so she wouldnt be tired as early, so now if she wakes up before seven its bum change quick cuddle, no talking or eye contact and back in cot. dont take her out before 7am and then she has a nap straight after lunch bout 12.15. they pick it up very quickly

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