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when to give a little pillow

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TracyK Thu 24-Mar-05 14:31:58

ds is 1 yo - when can i give him a pillow in his cot?

colditzmum Thu 24-Mar-05 14:44:57

i gave mine a pillow when I found him asleep on his teddy night after night!

Aero Thu 24-Mar-05 14:48:25

Mine got pillows when they moved from cot to bed - think at around 2-2.5. Don't think you have to wait this long though - it's just the way it happened in our house. Pillows would have made no difference to ds1 anyway as he can always be found any way but the right way up in bed! Is still a bit like that - and he turned 7 the other day!

vess Thu 24-Mar-05 14:53:57

After 1 year is ok, I think - try a grown-up sized but very thin one - it will stay 'fitted' in the cot and will probably be just high enough - that's what people told me when ds was one and he liked it.

Enid Thu 24-Mar-05 15:01:03

john lewis do a nice little thin cot pillow. Dd2 is 2.5 and shows no sign of wanting to leave her cot - it is full of duvets, blankets, pillows and toys like a nest - she is almost grown out of it but LOVES it, it does look cosy I must say

BEKsmum Fri 25-Mar-05 09:15:44

I'm fairly sure the advice is from a year old which is when I gave ds a childrens pillow from Mothercare, he was fine with it, he's now 3 and in a proper single bed with an adult pillow.

Hulababy Fri 25-Mar-05 09:20:38

The recommendation is 1 year old.

We gave DD a pillow when she went into a bed, at 18 months.

Nemo1977 Fri 25-Mar-05 09:29:16

my ds was about 11/12mths old but i gave him a proper pillow then. But then he moved into a bed at 12mths so it did sort of coincide

happymerryberries Fri 25-Mar-05 09:34:20

I gave mine one at 18 months and it was rejected!

At age 5 ds still sleeps without a pillow!

flamesparrow Fri 25-Mar-05 10:14:32

Mine had a pillow when she moved into a bed. I got a cot pillow from toys r us - foam with holes so they can't smother themselves.

Blackduck Fri 25-Mar-05 11:28:10

Enid your dd sounds like my ds - he's nearly two (but quite small) and shows no sign of wanting to leave his he gets in it with the range of toys, blanket etc god only knows....and yes, he usually ends up the opposite way round to how he was put down so I haven't bothered with a pillow...

trefusis Fri 25-Mar-05 11:34:27

Message withdrawn

bathmummy Fri 25-Mar-05 11:41:32

12 months here too.
I would say, give the pillow a go and see how he reacts. If he chucks it out then leave it a while but you might find he sleeps better for it. Mine did.

earthmum Fri 25-Mar-05 21:06:05

My two yr old loves her pillow and actually sleeps with hers and one of mine. My one year old is the same, he can't sleep without his Nemo pillow!! I think you know when they are ready.

cori Fri 25-Mar-05 21:16:35

About one I think. We gave DS one of those little pillows they give you on longhaul flights. It was perfect size, couldnt find anything similar in shops.

earthmum Fri 25-Mar-05 21:33:52

You always find the perfect item and wanna kick yourself later for only buying one!!

NomDePlume Fri 25-Mar-05 21:37:24

the recommendation is no duvets or pillows until after 12 months old.

We gave DD a lightweight duvet at 1 and she got a pillow when she moved into a big bed at 2y3m. She didn't want one before that.

Socci Fri 25-Mar-05 21:38:41

Message withdrawn

fimblesfan Fri 25-Mar-05 21:45:44

My ds is 1 yo & has already had a pillow for a couple of months already, he always climbed on to the pillows on my bed & fall asleep so thats when i decided that he was ready for one.

maisystar Fri 25-Mar-05 21:48:06

i gave ds a pillow at about 11/12 months. it was a fairly flat one and he slept lots better

pipsy1 Mon 28-Mar-05 08:02:03

We put a pillow inder the sheet in her cot at about 6 months as she had recurring ear infections and were advised it would be better to have her head raised a bit. Also great for when they are bunged up with colds. Under the sheet there is no worry of getting smothered by it but now its in her cot with her and she loves it

lapsedrunner Mon 28-Mar-05 19:44:09

Gave DS one when he was 2, it is a very thin cot pillow from Ikea. He didn't show any sign of needing it but I introduced it to help keep his head a little bit raised when he had a cold. Like others on this thread he is now 2.7, sleeps in a gro bag and shows no sign of wanting to leave his cot. I'm therefore following the advice of others and leaving him in it as long as possible!

Kidstrack2 Wed 30-Mar-05 00:13:47

I bought both my kids pillows from mothercare when they were 12months as they both roamed around the cot looking for something comfy to lie on, they would end up awake and cold during the night as they had made a nice soft pile of blankets to lie on and nothing left to cover themself with. My dd is now 22months and still stays in the same position on her nice comfy pillow and I now use a growbag too!

bundle Wed 30-Mar-05 00:23:12

dd2 is nearly 2 and has no pillow, she goes to bed in her sleeping bag with teddies under each arm. she does like a nice pillow when she comes into my bed in the morning though..

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