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How do i get my 10 week old into a sleep routine?

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juicychops Wed 23-Mar-05 21:23:56

Can anyone give me tips on how to get my 10 week old son into a sleep routine at night? he has a bottle at 6pm, then about 1am, then about 5.30am, and then he wakes up about 6.30am. i need more sleep!! my partner never gets up so i have to do it all and im starting to feel like a zombie

jane313 Wed 23-Mar-05 21:31:42

You could try giving him one just before you go to bed, 10.30-11ish. Some people wake them up and some do "dreamfeeding" which is basically feeding them without wakign them up. That may make him go a bit longer. It worked sometimes for me, but that routine seems pretty much par for the course at that age. Sorry! There are quite a few better but many more much worse. My son used to wkae once or twice a night till he was 6 months old. (He did have a lovely 3 week sleeping through period at 3 months, but I kept waking up!)

jane313 Wed 23-Mar-05 21:49:53

hopefully others will post soon, I have a habit of killing threads, I've done it to your food one too!

juicychops Wed 23-Mar-05 21:52:23

This is only the second time ive been on this site. Its quite good. No doubt i'l end up killing people's threads too. I might try the dreamfeeding. the only problem is, is tht he is a windy baby and tends to be sick a lot if i don't wind him a lot.

jane313 Wed 23-Mar-05 21:57:10

Yes mine had acid reflux, lots of sick! It was bizarre that I could do it and wind them and he would still stay asleep. Some one I met hated doing it as she thought it was freaky that they slept and fed. I was desperate for him not to wake! She used to change the nappy to wake them up fully.

chicca Wed 23-Mar-05 21:59:41

I'm sorry to say that my DS (now 8 months) was waking throught the night every two hours or so at that age - in fact he still does more or less. I would kill for your current routine!
The best advice I could give is to think about your long term aims now and implement any routine (within reason!) that you would hope to be doing in several months time.

juicychops Wed 23-Mar-05 22:00:42

My son is asleep on the bean bag in the front room at the moment so im gunna take him up in a minute and give it a try. Hopefully he will stay asleep... If he's that tired then he should. Its only his second night in his cot... he outgrew his moses basket. he also had his first injections today so hopefully he wont be too grisley.

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