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day time naps

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ESMERELDA34 Mon 21-Mar-05 21:19:49

hi new talk member any advice on day time naps. My daughter is 15 mnths old and has always slept well through the night but not through the day. I followed gina fords routines with her from the age of about 8 mnths and she fell in to it quite well but since turning 12 mnths she has been very hitty missy on day time sleeps.
She always gets up at 6 but wont always sleep at 9 930 like gina suggests but become very fractious at 11.00 i always try and hold her off for a nap untill about 12.30 but she sometimes only sleeps for 45 mins to an hour if im lucky then she cries and wants to be picked up put down picked up put down . i feel very stressed as i cant get any thing done and if she goes to sleep i run around like an idiot trying to get things done before she wakes again i feel frazzeled please help

vicdubya Mon 21-Mar-05 21:45:44

DS (12 months) has one long nap a day now, usually around 10.30am if we are "in". He has milk and a snack beforehand, and then a late lunch. He sleeps for 2 hours usually and this sees him through for the rest of the day.

If he gets up late (after 6.30am lol) he sometimes won't sleep before lunch but he won;t sleep right after lunch either, he seems to need to wait an hour or so, that if lunch was at 12, he would sleep at 1.30ish for a couple of hours.

Could you try a nap before lunch?

weeboagie Mon 21-Mar-05 22:13:45

I found that the afternoon nap on Gina Ford's routine was too early for my dd. She is better is she has lunch about 12ish and then plays for half an hour to an hour. I'll usually put her down at about 130pm until 3pm. She will not sleep indoors which is a bit of pain but will sleep in her pram in the garden in all weathers. I had to try loads of different things to get her to sleep during the day so just keep persevering.

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