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Too scared to put them in a room together......................

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PuffTheMagicDragon Fri 18-Mar-05 21:45:27

Because I love my sleep too much!

One of our bedrooms is an office (dh self employed), so ds1 (3.9) has a room and ds2 (20 months) is still in with us in a cot.

They are both great sleepers and I am so loathe to upset the calm, peaceful status quo, but I know they have to start sharing some time.

Advice, tips most gratefully received .

Frizbe Fri 18-Mar-05 21:47:48

We were really surprised when we went on hols and put ss then 6 and dd then 8mths in the same room and they both slept right through for a whole week! dd even 'complained' (cried) when ss woke her up one evening when he was poorly, and there was I worrying it'd be the other way around!

mears Fri 18-Mar-05 21:48:13

If they are great sleepers then they will continue to be when put into a room together. I had 3 in a room at one point with no problems at all.

whatsername Fri 18-Mar-05 21:50:43

Lol, no help I'm afraid - my dd is still in with me for the same reason - and she will be 4 next week.

kid Fri 18-Mar-05 22:02:07

When DS was 6 months old, I moved him in with DD (then 3.9)
DS still wasn't quite sleeping through the night but suprisingly, he didn't wake DD up once.
I know I really worried about moving DS into the other room, but it turned out fine.

JoolsToo Fri 18-Mar-05 22:05:14

I think its wonderful when kids share rooms together mine did and dgs's do too - I want dd to put ds3 in with the other two when he's big enough for a bed (interfering dm that I am ) - what a great little gang at bed time.

Anyway if you put them in separate rooms they'll just run from room to room

zubb Fri 18-Mar-05 22:05:30

just to echo mears - if they are good sleepers then they should be fine. We put ds2 in with ds1 when he was 4 months old, and were amazed that even when ds2 occassionally woke up screaming in the night he didn't disturb ds1 (who was 2.5).

Carla Fri 18-Mar-05 22:06:30

You'll have nothing to be scared of - they'll just join you!

bambi06 Fri 18-Mar-05 22:11:54

my two have been together from day one ( except the first few weeks when my daughter was tiny and they`ve always got on brilliantly and enjoy each others company at night , in fact so much so that they actually love sleeping together in the same bed(double bed!) and although my son(5) now has the top bunk he` loves the weekends because he`s allowed to sleep with his sister at weekends..oh so sweet, they dont wake each up apart from occasional times and my daughter is a terrible sleeper!(4) but not because of my son! but if one wakes its o.k as they go straight back to sleep and they adore being in the same room as each other and probably dread the day when they get older and i start to think..hang on social services will be around here if they carry on..but i love it in that they seem to get on very well ..maybe because they share and are there for each other more..often if one is scared they wil call out to the other for reassurrance and thay actively look after each other in that way!!

moongirl Sat 19-Mar-05 00:24:18

everyone told me they'd be fine....but when dd aged 4 months went in with ds1 aged 2 she woke him up every time she cried. I was so panicky about it all at first but actually ds liked knowing i was there in his room feeding dd and i could talk to him and he quickly (took a week or two) learnt to go back to sleep. Now he sleeps through anything and we are trying to leave her when she cries and stop feeding straight away and he doesn't seem to hear her (she's pretty loud)

bloss Sat 19-Mar-05 06:48:43

Message withdrawn

bathmummy Sat 19-Mar-05 06:51:17

My girls have shared a room from day one. On the rare occasion that DD2 (16 months) decides she will have a good yell before bed (overtired or just grumpy) DD1 just snuggles down under her covers and puts up with it. If it goes on for a while and is keeping her awake, I just pop her in my bed to fall to sleep and transfer her when she is really sound. If she is asleep, there is no waking her regardless what her sister is doing.
The only problem I have encountered is when they wake up. DD1 (4) will climb into her little sisters cot and play with her and "read" stories. Whilst it is very cute to go in and see them happily playing, I worry that the cot will collapse/she will fall when climbing/she is waking her sister up rather than waiting for her to wake up.
Still, got some lovely pics of them together playing without knowing we were spying

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