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How much sleep do you get?

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weesaidie Tue 15-Mar-05 21:34:38

My dd (11 months) is sleeping through the night, on a good night until 7am, it is a bit up and down at the moment though and sometimes is closer to 6am.

I think that one of the main things that I have really noticed having a baby is the tiredness. Even though she is basically sleeping all night now having to get up early 7 days a week is pretty exhausting, especially after looking after dd all day everyday (I am on my own)!!

I know that a lot of people (even those without children!) don't get much sleep but I can't remember what it was like not being a parent... was I tired most of the time then too??

Apparently people get 7hrs a night on average so I must be normal... am I?

bensmum3 Tue 15-Mar-05 23:31:04

I think 7 hours is pretty good , ds (22 months) still wakes during the night, I'm a bit of a night owl so tend to do all my jobs when he's im bed at 7. probably get 5-6 hours sleep, some of that with ds wriggling in with me.

bloss Wed 16-Mar-05 00:27:43

Message withdrawn

sallystrawberry Wed 16-Mar-05 00:29:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

suzywong Wed 16-Mar-05 00:32:03

6 hours straight through if I'm very very very lucky

Kids wake between 5 and 5.45 and no I can't go to bed earlier, I want to have some adult time during the day

Gwenick Wed 16-Mar-05 00:32:43

I ususually have 3-5hrs - by choice

nightowl Wed 16-Mar-05 01:06:08


jennifersofia Wed 16-Mar-05 01:35:43

Gwenick, how do you cope on 3-5 hrs? I am averaging about three to four hours a night at the moment because of the course I am on (doing course work for it until all hours) but am not handling it very well.
Any tips?

Gwenick Wed 16-Mar-05 01:37:16

nope - not ideal - but if I sleep more than that at the moment I have a REALLY bad nights sleep and feel even I guess it's not really 'choice' - more like the way it is at the moment.

nightowl Wed 16-Mar-05 01:59:34

strange now for me...if i imagined 8 hours sleep i would be like...WOW...lovely.

hermykne Wed 16-Mar-05 08:19:10

i get 6/7, broken, maybe 3 in a row and then every hr. so annoyed as ds was better at sleeping, dont know whats happened.
but i am in bed usually by 10 and read

flamesparrow Wed 16-Mar-05 08:37:23

Not enough

I need a ridiculous amount of sleep compared to most people for some reason. The last two nights I've been in bed by 9.30 and got oodles of sleep (til about half six/seven), so am feeling vaguely human.

Most of the time though I get about 7 hours and am exhausted and begging DD for a nap duing the day so that I can have one.

Pregnancy was a nightmare - I was sleeping from the time I got in from work, waking for dinner, then sleeping again til morning!!!

weesaidie Wed 16-Mar-05 20:12:07

Oh dear!

I feel like a terrible moan now, I have it easy!

My dd is so up and down at the moment though so I never now what is going to happen. I can't go to bed earlier either, I'd feel like I never had any time for myself.

Playing poker tonight for instance... I just bring it all on myself!

Blossomhill Wed 16-Mar-05 20:13:35

Between 6 and 8. Not enough though and it's not down to my children as they both sleep through and have done for a few years now!

nightowl Wed 16-Mar-05 22:12:12

same here, i get by on about 3 but it isnt down to the baby anymore, i just cant sleep!

Fimbo Wed 16-Mar-05 22:16:09

3 hours sleep Nightowl!! OMG, unless I am on here (which is rare, ha ha) I am usually in bed by 10.30/11pm and up again at 7.40 and I could still do with more sleep. My mum doesn't sleep very well and I dread being like here, I would look like death warmed up.

kama Wed 16-Mar-05 23:00:09

Message withdrawn

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Wed 16-Mar-05 23:00:41

Not nearly enough!

lilsmum Wed 16-Mar-05 23:05:13

not enough, need more!!

Anteater Wed 16-Mar-05 23:18:36

We get between 5 and 7 hours.. The more you get the more you need!

sansouci Wed 16-Mar-05 23:26:29

Not enough! Should probably spend less time on MN in the evening... so addictive, tho!

colditzmum Thu 17-Mar-05 00:10:25

Between 8 and 10.

Ok, you can all hate me now.

goreousgirl Thu 17-Mar-05 00:12:12

5-6 hours a night (would be 8 broken ones if I went to bed earlier - but prefer to stay up for late night feed to get 6 solid hours)

JoolsToo Thu 17-Mar-05 00:14:59

no-ones getting any at the moment are they?

Caligula Thu 17-Mar-05 00:16:48

Not f***g enough, because of Mumsnet and mad Wednesdays (after Jamie Oliver and Desperate Houswives, I can't go straight to bed!

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