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DD slept all last night - without last milk feed - is there a connection?

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Tallgirl Mon 14-Mar-05 14:46:46

Just wondered about this - DD nearly 6 months(who previously has slept through on and off)has had a few really bad nights, waking in the early hours and being really unsettled. She was so tired after her bath last night that we put her straight down without milk. She slept all night (apart from a few little cries but settled herself) and had to be woken at 7am! I am sure this has happened before - i.e. she has not had her last bottle and then slept through and I've only just thought that this might be connected. Do you think the milk before bed somehow unsettles her later on in the night? Anyone else any similar experiences. She obviously doesnt need the last feed or could it have been a one off?

DS who is 3 still has milk before he goes to bed (likes his routine).


kama Mon 14-Mar-05 14:56:21

Message withdrawn

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