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Moving into own room

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Mosschops30 Sun 13-Mar-05 21:34:05

Message withdrawn

Merlin Sun 13-Mar-05 21:39:31

Mosschops - we put DS into his own room at about 5 weeks. firstly in his carrycot in the cot. I guess just make sure the room isn't too hot or cold. Do you have a musical mobile or something you can switch on for a while? We also had one of those lullably projector things which put colours and shapes on the ceiling which seemed to soothe him. Presumably you've got a monitor, so just try and have a good night on your own.

sasa15 Sun 13-Mar-05 21:43:55

we did the same...had basket in the as well....
he was happy from the first night....

it's good time to do that...they don't understand much was going this age...

We didn't have monitor in the bedroom..just leave door a bit open in his room and our room is next to his....

have a good night!

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