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9.5 month old woke every hour or so last night SCREAMING.

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pamelat Mon 03-Nov-08 09:07:36

Am hoping its "just" teeth. She had an ear infection a few weeks back but this was different sreaming.

She went to bed as usual about 630pm and woke up at 8pm, 9pm, 1030pm, 12 and so it continued, until she woke at her "usual" time of 630am.

We don't normally give her a dummy at night but we gave it her each time she woke crying and she fell back to sleep within seconds, so clearly shattered.

We had had a busy day with her, visiting grandparents and taking her swimming. Do you think she would have woken if she was over tired? Also, she normally sleeps an hour and a half at lunch but only managed 45 minutes.

The other thing is that she got upset in the afternoon as we were watching football and some men (including daddy!) were shouting at the TV and she picked up on their tension and cried, she was then a bit clingy to me all afternoon. Is she too young for night terrors??

I suppose I just want to know that this wont happen again ........ please [hmmm] or maybe this is just parenthood!

pamelat Tue 04-Nov-08 09:13:34

Am hoping she is fine as she was happy all day following this upset and back to normal (630pm to 6am) last night, poor little girl had her socks knocked off (her, not me!)

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