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Windy Baby

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moomeister Fri 11-Mar-05 11:02:07

Has anyone any ideas with my ongoing problem? My 15 week old continues to struggle from 4am through till the morning with trapped wind. Last night I tried a warm hot water bottle under her tummy, which possibly helped. She sleeps on her front, as she definately finds this the optimum position to push,the wind through herself. I do bicycle legs and tummy massage. I also use a dummy ( I'm not sure if the dummy actually triggers her tummy and therefore colon into action, or whether it just takes her mind off her grips). I am very demoralised.

wheresmyfroggy Fri 11-Mar-05 11:13:04

Have you tried infacol?

we used it for dd and it was excellent

gripe water might help as well

moomeister Fri 11-Mar-05 21:58:45

Thanks for that 'wheresmyfroggy'! I have previously tried both your suggestions.

The wind she has is trapped as a result of her being asleep and still, rather than during the day , when she is moving and it gets jiggled through her. My first baby was windy, and colicy as a result. I use colief which is an enzime that helps them break down their milk more effectively. When I feed, I get the wind up, but the wind she struggles with occurs several hours after, as a result of her processing the milk through her stomach to her bowel. She gets fed a 'dream feed' at 11pm, and like clockwork, wakes writhing around until she passes massive wind over a periopd of three hours. I'm told, she just needs to grow out of it, as her gut matures! It is wearing and depressing trying to help her, as she struggles with this wind.

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