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Help, I have an amby nest and DS managed to turn on his side in it

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AnguaVonUberwald Sun 02-Nov-08 17:29:01

I went to check on DS last night and he was lying on his side in his amby nest! This is really not good as they are like hammocks, and I am really worried that if he rolls on to his front he won't be able to roll back or breath.

He has never had to sleep in a cot (the one time at MILs he HATED it) but I really think I have to bite the bullet and put in him one, in the meantime, should i even let him sleep in the amby nest again?

I could really use some advise on this.

Also, anyone who has moved their baby from an amby nest to a cot, how did you do it?

AnguaVonUberwald Sun 02-Nov-08 17:41:22

DS is 7 months

VinegarTits Sun 02-Nov-08 17:48:53

What age does it state that you can use it up to? i think if he is starting to roll and you are worried then it is time to move him to something bigger perhaps?

AnguaVonUberwald Sun 02-Nov-08 17:58:50

You are meant to be able to use it up to a year.

So I would be pretty pissed off at having spent all that money and then it not lasting that long.

Having said that, I am now really worried about what to do, as we don't have a cot in the house, but I am not sure I should let him sleep in it again!

VinegarTits Sun 02-Nov-08 18:05:16

tbh i had never heard of an amby nest until i read your thread and googled it grin hopefully someone who has used one will come along and give you some advice, so just bumping for you.

AnguaVonUberwald Sun 02-Nov-08 18:11:08

Thanks vinigar tits!

NoBiggy Sun 02-Nov-08 18:18:53

Hi, yes, apparently you can use it until a year or more, but with DD1 I used it until she was 8 months when firstly she rolled over on to hands and knees and got stuck, then managed to escape. I had a cot sent to me by next day delivery. Then just started using it with the same sleeping bag as she had been using.

DD2, she was about 6 months when I moved her. She always preferred to sleep on her side, the hammock stopped her when she was too small to roll back. By 6 months I thought she couldn't get herself into too much trouble, went into the cot without a quibble.

baffledbb Sun 02-Nov-08 18:19:30

My DD at around the same age managed to turn over in it and end up stuck on her hands and knees, she would do this several times a night, and end up crying. I think this was because she is an extremley restless sleeper and doesn't like being in one position for long. To be honest I didn't find the amby was all it was cracked up to be.

(I think probably if your ds rolls the whole way round he will end up on his hands and knees like my dd and let you know about it).

AnguaVonUberwald Sun 02-Nov-08 20:03:13

Thank you very much, thats really reassuring, we are getting a cot asap but until then I think we will try the amby next for the next couple of nights but keep a really close eye on him.

baffledbb, thats good to know, I really hope so.

Nobiggy, interesting that they both went so easily, here's hoping!

AnguaVonUberwald Mon 03-Nov-08 15:43:57

amby nest

AnguaVonUberwald Mon 03-Nov-08 15:44:23

I meant; bump

Sariska Mon 03-Nov-08 20:31:21

My DS was also 7 months old when he discovered he could move around in the Amby. Over the course of one day we discovered him: on his tummy; with his head at the foot end; and sitting up in it. Like you, I was pretty annoyed that it obviously wasn't going to last him as long as it was supposed to. Again, like you, I was also convinced that he wouldn't sleep in a cot as the one time we'd tried him in a travel cot was not a success. However I was terrified that he'd catapault himself out the Amby so, after one night with the hammock surrounded by cushions and pillows to provide a soft landing if needed (they weren't!), we went out to buy a cot - and a travel cot to use while we waited for the proper cot to be delivered. And he slept in it just as well as he did in his Amby. I think he was just ready to make the move. I'm still glad we used the Amby - it was a lifesaver when DS was small, screamy, sleepless and refluxy - but I am now very glad that he will sleep in a cot. It should make life a whole lot easier when travelling away from home. (Standing at an airport carousel, heart in mouth, waiting to see if the Amby was going to appear was a million times worse than waiting to see if a suitcase full of clothes was going to show up grin.)

Anyway, good luck for your LO's transfer to a cot!

Sariska Mon 03-Nov-08 20:34:20

Oh, and, given the circumstances, we took no special steps for the transfer to the cot. We put him in the same sleeping bag as he'd used in the Amby, gave him a taggie blanket (which he'd used in the pushchair but not the Amby) and then just trusted to luck that he'd be OK.

lisad123 Mon 03-Nov-08 20:38:34

my dd2 would roll onto her side but never onto her front in her amby

AnguaVonUberwald Tue 04-Nov-08 11:01:23

Sariska, thanks for that, reasurring that he might take to the cot, but scary about the front rolling

Lisad123, the thing for me was that he was properly on his side, so could have gone either way when he woke up!

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