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Help! about to be a first time mum and worried about sleeping environments

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jinx Thu 10-Mar-05 11:16:04

I am due my first baby in about 6 weeks and wondered if anyone out there can help with where a new baby should sleep during the day. I am being given a moses basket but alot of people say they are a waste of time and to get a travel cot instead. I dont have room in my bedroom for a cot so I plan to use the moses basket in there for night time. The problem is during the day, do I let him nap wherever I am ( i.e downstairs)or make a point of moving him to his room or our bedroom to sleep so he gets used to this being the sleep routine. I have been told it can be destressing for a baby to have alot of places to sleep as they get confussed where they are when they wake.

aloha Thu 10-Mar-05 11:19:06

Do they? I don't think newborns have much idea who, what or where they are! I really wouldn't worry too much about this now. My ds hated his moses basket and dd sleeps in the carrycot part of her pram. Whatever you get I strongly advise you don't spend a fortune on it! Babies are all different, but I personally like to have my baby sleeping near me during the day when she is tiny - so that means in her pram (got a 'proper' one from Ebay for just this purpose). I can't be doing with traipsing upstairs all the time either.

franch Thu 10-Mar-05 11:21:56

jinx, don't fret! That's just the sort of (dare I say it, Gina-Ford-inspired) worry that got me down in the early days. Find out what works for you and your baby and go with that - it'll change as time goes on anyway. Dire warnings about 'setting yourself up for trouble' are, IME, a load of tosh

aloha Thu 10-Mar-05 11:25:56

And I second everything in Franch's post.

andif Thu 10-Mar-05 11:26:54

Had to post as this sounds just like how I felt with my ds1!! I am now pg with no.3, but first time round, everyone concentrates on antenatal classes without telling you what to do with this baby all day once it arrives!!!
IMO I think it's good to have a different sleep place in the day to help babies differentiate between night and day. Couldn't you just move the moses basket around the house to where suits you? Ds1 used to just sleep in his pram in the hall and quite happily slept through the daytime noises - hoovering etc. I had a swinging crib that both ds1 and ds2 hated so this time think I'll get a moses basket as it seems cosier!

mummytosteven Thu 10-Mar-05 11:29:16

If you're being given anything, don't worry about it being a waste of time - it's more important that it's not a waste of your precious money! My opinion (and it is just that, is that a moses basket would be more comfortable than a travel cot for a small baby).

What I did - and what suited DS - was to have him sleep in his Moses Basket for the first few months - and to move the Moses Basket from room to room, and that hew would sleep wherever he wanted.

Different babies (and moms) are suited to different things - some have their baby always sleeping in a separate room of their own from birth - I go to the other extreme and rarely put DS into his bedroom for daytime naps. I think there is a lot to be said for letting your baby get used to dropping off whereever, as that means you aren't restricted to avoiding going out during nap times.

tegansmummy Thu 10-Mar-05 15:04:21

my dd loved the moses basket and i used to take just the basket down stairs for her day sleeps. but after a couple of weeks i used to leave her to sleep on her changing mat. i wanted to keep the day sleep and night sleep rooms seperate so she knew her routine. it certainly worked for me. she is now 6mth and sleeps 11 12 hours a night and has done since 4 weeks old.
good luck when your baby comes

pinotgrigio Thu 10-Mar-05 15:13:49

Jinx - agree with the others. Go for the moses basket, easily transportable and much more snuggy than a travel cot. Your LO will feel nice and secure in it. When DD didn't want to sleep in her crib (in retrospect a bit too deep) I would lay her next to me on the bed, but still in the basket - worked a treat with no squashing worries.

My DD used to sleep in her lie flat carseat and a lie flat baby bouncer too.

Later on she'd sleep in her pram as I used the motion to help her sleep.

Clayhead Thu 10-Mar-05 15:17:37

agree totally with aloha and franch! DO what suits you and your baby.

Shell150 Thu 10-Mar-05 17:13:42

Agree with every1 do what suits you and your baby!!! Must say though i done what tiegansmummys done and it worked a treat for us think it helped her establish moses basket = bedtime i used to sleep her in lye flat bouncey chair during the day!! But again only do what suits you...

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