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Has anyone had success with 'no cry sleep solution'? Please tell me your stories!

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2point4kids Thu 30-Oct-08 09:53:26

I am reading this book and hoping it will help with DS2's sleep pattern.

He is 8 months old. He naps well, goes to sleep like an angel at 7pm every night, but he does wake between about 5 and 10 times every night for his dummy. He goes back to sleep instantly as soon as I give him the dummy, but its killing me the lack of sleep (I find it hard to get back to sleep after being woken each time). Plus the 5.30am starts (since the clocks went back!) dont help!

has anyone tried the no cry sleep solution in a situation like this??
Did it help?
Did you have to give up the dummy completely?

Any advice or hints appreciated!!!

pudding25 Thu 30-Oct-08 12:50:49

IMO it is much quicker and less painful all around if you just ditch it. Your ds should have forgotten all about it within a few days. I hate dd crying and had never left her to cry for more than a few mins (hence the dummy) and was dreading ditching it when we did at 16 wks (she's now nearly 6mths).

We ditched it as it was disturbing her sleep.

She did cry but I stayed with her the majority of the time stroking her head/hand on chest until she fell asleep. I stayed for 20 mins, left for 5 mins. It took 3 days and she the worst was when it took 45 mins for her to fall asleep at night on day 3 but I was with her most of the time.

I felt it was much better for her and us to do it quickly and it was soon forgotten about (and she started sleeping through 7-7 with a dreamfeed 4 days later).

Even if you don't like leaving them to cry (which I don't), if you stay with them most of the time, it is not great but not too bad.

Also, for most naps during the day, I took her out in the pram to avoid any crying and to make sure she slept.

bunyanvillas Fri 31-Oct-08 07:06:01

Ditch it! Both of my dcs had dummies in the early days and I had thrown them all in the bin by 5 months. With ds (who is now 7 months) it took 2 days and he was sleeping through the night. I just did the "pick up, put down" techique everytime he cried.

Mind you, now at 7 months tis a different story and we are up from 5am every day practising vocal routines, rolling etc! Wah!!!!!

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