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Dummy disturbing sleep?

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Wigglesworth Wed 29-Oct-08 17:05:22

My DS is nearly 14 weeks old and has had a dummy since 2 days old (very sucky baby and very screamy at first). I try not to use it all the time but he only sleeps for 30-45 mins at a time during the day. He's really good at night sleeps from about 8pm, has a dream feed at about midnight. From his dream feed to 7am he wakes up 3 or 4 times but settles again once I pop his dummy back in and pat his dummy a little.
He will not settle in the pram during the day so taking him anywhere is a nightmare. He is ok for about half an hour whilst he is awake in his pram but then he screams bloody murder until he is picked up out of his pram even if he is knackered and really needs a nap.
Not sure if his dummy is disturbing his sleep or not. What do you think and how do you wean him off it? I think it's only a matter of time before his night time sleep is disturbed more because of this. He is too little at the moment to pop it back in himself.

Wigglesworth Wed 29-Oct-08 17:06:14

Sorry that should be pat his tummy (slip of the finger!)

pudding25 Wed 29-Oct-08 22:39:15

Ditch the dummy!!! We had exactly the same problem around the same time. DD (now nearly 25wks) started waking about 3 times during the night wanting the dummy and several times before her dreamfeed. We ditched it at 16wks and within 4 days, she started sleeping through 7-7 (with a dreamfeed). We have had some blips, when she has been under the weather, but she usually continues to do so.

Our plan was to start in the morning with no dummy. Morning nap, set a nap window of 45 mins. If she was not asleep within this time, take her out in the pram.
Put her in cot, no dummy. Sit with her for 20 mins, stroking her head etc. Leave for 5 mins. Go back in for 10 mins, leave for 5-10 mins. Hopefully fall asleep within this time (she did apart from one nap).
Lunch nap and afternoon nap - out in pram/car.
bedtime - same as morning nap but continue until asleep.
During night - same

It was much better than I thought. Day 3 was the worst but after 3 days, she had forgotten all about it and started sucking her fingers all the time.

Wigglesworth Thu 30-Oct-08 09:19:34

Thankyou pudding, we will defo try to ditch the dummy I think it is the root of the problem. By the look of it a lot of parents start having this problem at this age.

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