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How much for a 21 month old?

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Justine2912 Mon 27-Oct-08 19:29:53

This question has probably been asked on numerous occasions but just need a little bit of reassurance, So here goes how much sleep should a 21 month old be having?

He usually has between 1-30 to 2 hours sleep during the day and then goes to bed at 7.30ish and is usually stiring at about 5ish, i work fulltime so finding getting woken up at 5 every morning is very tiring. I will go in once to settle him and always been set that wont get up before 6am and thought eventually he would settle to getting up at 6am but no chance. do you think I should be cutting back on this day time sleeps to get him to sleep longer during the night, hence the question how much sleep??

Tyler has never been a 12 hour sleeper and has always been between 10-11 hours but dont really know what to do for the best?

RhinestoneCowghoul Mon 27-Oct-08 19:34:34

DS was just the same at that age - needed his afternoon sleep but would wake at 5am. Knackering! And I was only working part-time.

I used to cheat and just bring him into bed with us for a cuddle and fairly often he would go back to sleep. Then shortly after this he suddenly started sleeping for longer, to the extent that I sometimes have to rouse him in the morning if I'm working.

He's now 2.3 and still needs the odd afternoon nap, but if he goes without will sleep for 12-13 hrs a night, which is incredible compared to a few months ago.

I did try cutting the nap when he was younger, but he was grumpy and it had no effect on the early mornings.

Bienchen Mon 27-Oct-08 19:37:07

You can try, but all kids are different and works with one may not work for some one else. Had same problem with DS. I ended up playing with him in the mornings and he went to bed soon after nursery. I tried changing sleep times, etc but just ended up with a grumpy child. Left him to his own rhythm. He outgrew when he started school. If you do make changes to routine you could try to start this when you have a few days off work coming up. DD is no problem btw!

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