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whats this mehod called again? and am I doing it right?

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livysmum Sat 25-Oct-08 04:23:25

ok so I watched the Baby whisperer Tracey Hogg and got this awesome method to teach babies how to self sooth to go to bed on their own.

Plan is to Swaddle baby and in a dim room with nothign going on to just hold baby and let her cry and cry until she stops and goes to sleep. on the episode baby only cried for 17 mins.

I did this with DD1 and it worked miricles and after 14 mins she was peepees in my arms and stayed that way when I laid her down. Which was the reason I did it, cuz everytime I rocked, bounced, dummied her to sleep as soon as she hit the cot she was up so that stopped after this self soothing business.

NOw DD2 does the same sleep in arms then up as soon as hits the cot. now I've just done the whole swaddle cry and she cried for a meer 4 mins (sweet) and I've got about an hours peace so far. BUT I also did this earlier and I've just repeted it so anyone else done this method? and will DD get it soon...I dont want to cy her to sleep every time.?

meandmyjoe Sat 25-Oct-08 09:49:13

I haven't heard of it being done by the baby whisperer before. I read her book and she reccommended the pick up/ put down method which was useless for my ds as me picking him up just stimulated him even more and he wanted to play so he got hysterical when I kept putting him down.

I ended up having to do what you are describing for naps. He fought sleep so much and used to writhe about in my arms and scream to get off my knee but it never lasted more than 5 minutes and I felt much better doing that than putting him in his cot and leaving him alone to cry.

It did work but he was always pretty good at night, just the day sleeps that were a battle.

By the way ds is 14 months now and rarely cries before he goes to sleep. He maybe once a month has a bit of a whinge when I leave the room at night but that's it, every other night and nap he settles himself fine. it did work but I wasn't even aware it was a method to achieve this, I just knew he needed to sleep and that was the only thing that worked!

RubyShivers Sat 25-Oct-08 09:50:50

how old is your DD?

it sounds like shush pat??

pick up put down was way too over stimulating for my DS as well

meandmyjoe Sat 25-Oct-08 09:56:44

I thought shush pat they were still in the cot for though?? Ooo I dunno now, I can't remember! I have to say I'm not sure if any method is actually going to 'make' her self soothe, I thought my ds just started settling himself because he was developmentally ready to do so. He was about a year old when I could just put him in his cot and know he would go to sleep alone but thankfully he always slept through so it didn't bother me. I a was very very very soft touch with him though! blush.

RubyShivers Sat 25-Oct-08 09:58:57

i can't remember either blush

i do know DS slept better when swaddled and as you say when he was ready to do so

livysmum Tue 28-Oct-08 02:01:03

DD is a meer 5 weeks and I now sleeps at night for hours and hours. its great.

sometimes just wants cuddles but once I just swaddle and hold for a min or so until she looks drowsy and then lay her drow she drifts off herself.

Thanks for all the help and stories.
Shush pat I thinkis what follws this method. It was the episode of Elle I think the babys name was if anyone is good at surfing and finding a clip

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