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Snugglesac or Grobag first duvet set???

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firststeps Fri 24-Oct-08 19:38:39

DS1 is 2.10 and still in a grobag blush although fast running out of room (in a 18-36 month one). He moves all over in his slepp and the few times I have tried him with a normal duvet he has ended up freezing cold and waking up in the night. Have looked at both these products and wondered if ayone was currently using them and could give me any pros and cons. TIA smile

wobblingweeble Fri 24-Oct-08 19:49:08

My DD was like this and I had to go in and rearrange her to begin with. I check her every night and sometimes still have to rearrange her but she has got used to sorting herself out now and covering herself up. I would persevere he will get used to it. DD was 19 months FWIW. She was 2 2 weeks ago and has been in a big bed since 18 months.

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