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Why are sleeping patterns so erratic?

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RaspberryBlower Fri 24-Oct-08 14:42:26

My dd is 24 weeks and has not really slept that well since she was about 16 weeks. Recently her sleeping has been all over the place. We can have a relatively good night (waking once or twice) one night and the next she's up five or six times, and then the next night fine again. I don't understand it and there seems no rhyme or reason to me. She can settle herself in her cot, and we haven't started weaning yet. Sometimes she seems quite windy, and won't settle until she's expelled the wind, shall I say. Any ideas why this might be happening?

Becky77 Fri 24-Oct-08 16:40:25

Wind is the bane of my life! Our poor little DD quite often gets a burp so stuck it takes some pretty vigorous rubbing and patting before she'll settle in the evening. And she quite often wakes herself up struggling to fart in the night. I wonder when it gets easier??

ches Sat 25-Oct-08 03:49:07

Wind, teething, developmental leaps, growth spurt, good/bad naps, etc. Loads of reasons.

livysmum Sat 25-Oct-08 04:39:30

omg becky my first was a nightmare with wind. nightmare! i feel your pain. husband was good at getting it up when he had the patience but damn was he firm. when she got older we had to start bouncing it out of her.

BLOWER-maybe when she sleeps good the next night it's because shes so stinkin tired from keeping yous up all night before.
Do you give infacol before feeds? or gripe water after? It might be worth a try to do thoes and get a good bubble up, even if you have to wake her up more to get it know when they fall alseep during feed and you just wish you could lay them like that without bother minutes later...shame...
anywho if you're getting a good burp out and she's settling after that Id say its a good chance thats what shes trying to tell you so try the 2 burping aids to help.

having had a baby who was terrible with wind I could say that laying her down for a few mins (like changing nappy) then burping helps.
leaning her all the way forward (crunching in tummy) then sitting her up and patting repeatedly
pushing on back to make it straight and patting or rubbing in circles.
hope it al helps.
good luck and good night

RaspberryBlower Sat 25-Oct-08 07:35:28

Thanks for replies. I think I'll try some gripe water. We'll be starting weaning soon so that will produce more wind while she gets used to solids I suppose! We were up 8 times last night and she seemed a hungry girl so I think she might be growth spurting (I hope anyway).

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