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Help still no sleep..

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laneydaye Tue 08-Mar-05 16:34:20

Hi everyone,

my dd is now nearly 20wks and last night she fed every 2 hrs .... think she had a growth spurt last wk so not sure if its that.
she usually only sleeps 3hrs anyway but every 2 is takin the at the end of my tether now what can i do please

all comments and advice much appreciatedxxxxx

HappyMumof2 Tue 08-Mar-05 16:37:48

Message withdrawn

laneydaye Tue 08-Mar-05 16:40:11

hi happy

she dosent sleep much anyway in the day, maybe 3 x 30mins all day. and i just stick her on the breast wether shes hungry or not to fill her up.
she still only having 2 tsp of rice......

HappyMumof2 Tue 08-Mar-05 16:41:47

Message withdrawn

laneydaye Tue 08-Mar-05 16:46:13

not really only weighs 13lbs.. for 1st 10 wks she slept from 4 to 7 hrs so i know she can do it but WHEN..
i go to a breast feeding clinic and they are really supportive but i still dont know how to make it happen
have a four yr old aswell so day sleep is out of the question

laneydaye Tue 08-Mar-05 17:59:53


hermykne Tue 08-Mar-05 18:14:06

my ds is breast fed and at 20wks he was probably at the same lark. in my case i stopped it by letting him cry back to sleep for a few nights, i was too tired to do c/c and just had to leave him to it and went in irratically, plus i had dd to contend with too.
i then tried the bottle with ebm, and now its water , he is not found of the bottle and i am using reverse psycology here, in that if thats what he is offered in the night he wont like it and hopefully quit waking in the night, he is 7mths just.

plus i am a routine person so in the dya i am strict and follow g ford (eeekkkk) , but it does mean i know he has enough to drink by 10pm. he was on solids at 20wks just and was taking lots but has now reduced his solid intake but is not compensating by taking more milk just a steadying of food intake.

more solids or introduction of solids did not affect him at night when the going was tough.

hope that helps

laneydaye Tue 08-Mar-05 18:17:37

thanks..... picked up a copy of gina ford today.... put it back down..... i thought about it b4 but thought i havent waited all these years to have kids and be strict in that way... think i wouldnt be very good at it(im a wimp)

laneydaye Tue 08-Mar-05 18:18:00

whats controlled crying?

noddyholder Tue 08-Mar-05 18:20:06

My ds is 10 now so it was years ago but I did cc on the advice of a friend and in 3 nights ds was sleeping 7 to 7 after 13 months of hell but I can't remember the exact technique but I'm sure someone on here can guide you it really works

HappyMumof2 Tue 08-Mar-05 18:37:01

Message withdrawn

laneydaye Tue 08-Mar-05 18:55:59

thanks will keep you posted..xxxxx
gonna look around for cc

hermykne Tue 08-Mar-05 21:11:34

g ford doesnt have to be as strict as she is, for me it just gives me structure to the day, you know whats its like, 2pm and you wonder where the morn went and when is he due to be hungry..blah blah,
i have to say though my ds and dd prior to him, but natuarally settled into her routines at about 4/5 mths.
i didnt do the early stuff as her recommendation - way to pressurising.

CheekyGirl Wed 09-Mar-05 16:15:47

Oh Laneydaye! My 10wk old ds was up every 2hrs last night too! He only usually does 3hrs anyway, but that is bliss compared with last night!! He also barely sleeps in the day, as well. He's quite a big baby he weighs 12lb 5oz. I don't know how to get him to go longer. He feeds roughly 3hrly during the day. I have a 3yr old dd too, it's relentless, isn't it!? I am truly truly cream crackered now, and there's dinner to cook.....

Harrie Wed 09-Mar-05 21:26:30

I had Gina Ford bought as a present but I've only ever slightly followed the feeding routine. Way to strict for me. Just had my second wo has slept through from 6 weeks, I feed every three hours at least during the day, the last feed at approx 11pm I top up with a few ounce of formula.

laneydaye Thu 10-Mar-05 13:58:22

thanks everyone xxxxx
think im gonna purchase a gina ford book and have a good read(you never know)
last night she was even worse had a couple of 1 1/2 hrs sessions little monkey..
i just find it easier(bet youve not heard that before) to stick her on the breast and try and fall back to sleep.....

TracyK Thu 10-Mar-05 14:13:23

she's not teething is she?

TracyK Thu 10-Mar-05 14:14:10

I always gave ds a ebm bottle before bed and really stuff the milk into him, gave him a dream feed at 11 and again stuffed the milk into him.

otto Thu 10-Mar-05 14:43:58

You have my sympathies. Ds was much like this until around 7 months when I did a version of controlled crying. Everybody told me that if I gave him formula or when he started solids, or when he started nursery he would start to sleep better. None of these made any difference. It seems that some babies are just like that.

otto Thu 10-Mar-05 14:45:05

The book that explains how to do controlled crying is by Richard Ferber. You can get it on Amazon if you can't find it in a bookshop.

laneydaye Thu 10-Mar-05 16:47:28

been trying to get dd on a bottle of ebm for about 10wks now tried all types of teats and bottles, different temp, different times of the day, other ppl feeding her oh... also tried formula to no avail.....

laneydaye Thu 10-Mar-05 16:48:44

tracyk whats a dream feed?

NettiSulvetti Thu 10-Mar-05 16:53:48

You could also try "The Baby Whisperer" as well as gf. I did a combination of the two since day one for my DS and he has been a good sleeper since pretty early on (always been a struggle to keep him asleep after 6:30, but he doesn't tend to wake up during the night normally). I think the issue tends to be letting them learn how to go back to sleep on their own so they don't need you to get back to sleep when they wake during the night.

Hope this helps!


hermykne Thu 10-Mar-05 17:41:31

the dream feed is nicknamed so becuase they are supposed to go into dream land from 10/11pm on - myth, big one imo!!!!

have a read of the books and see what you think.
aND DONT BE AFRAID that you are hurting / distressing her, thats how i was with my first , but no2 no chance, and he got the hang of going to sleep by himself quite quickly, still wakes.

both of mine hated the bottle until about 5/6mths.i use the playtex system did you try it?

laneydaye Thu 10-Mar-05 18:59:11

now theres 1 i havent tried! do they sell them at boots?

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