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OMG!! all this time on my own

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Shell150 Tue 08-Mar-05 15:07:58

This is just fab!!!! time to look at mn wivout dd moaning!!! She has always bn a terrible sleeper during the day but exellent @ nite!!! DM bought me a blanket thingy that wraps her up like her sleeping bag kinda (Does that make sence??) And for the last TWO i repeat TWO days she has slept 3hrs solid from 12.30 until 3.30 its just fab!!! so no more grumpyness @ 6 when she is normally so tierd cos she has only had 1/2 an hour during the day thought i would post lol probs no intrest to any1 but im so happy just hope it continues!!!

nailpolish Tue 08-Mar-05 15:08:56

oh that is fab. enjoy!

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